#Librem5 vs #Pinephone

#Convergence aka #Desktop mode works fine on both #smartphones for light tasks. But what is "light"? This is where they differ.

#Librem5 (left) smoothly plays two videos simultaneously (one of which is 60 fps), whereas #Pinephone is struggling with single 30 fps video.

Why? Librem 5 has 30% faster CPU clock speed, 140% faster RAM standard, roughly double the GPU performance. More details: forums.puri.sm/t/comparing-spe.

#innovations #gadgets #tech #Librem5vsPinephone


Not to be rude but at 4x the price I certainly hope the Librem 5 has faster hardware. Just seems like an odd flex is all.


@PublicNuisance @ozmik it's not a flex when people keep saying they have the same hardware and perform almost the same.

@tristan957 @PublicNuisance @ozmik Yeah, it's not as common as it used to be these days, but people really were saying that a lot just because they can't read the specs carefully enough.

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