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@lyndarogers815@twitter.com So after you go through menopause and can’t have periods, birth children and need to take hormone pills yourself

Does that mean you won’t be a woman anymore?

You dumb fucking bigot

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Dear WaPoo,

Trump's Wall is an ignorant display of nationalism.

Bernie's Climate Plan will actually save the planet...including the human race.

Do you get the difference?

Stop wishing us all dead. It is against Twitter TOS.

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@chrislongview@twitter.com @KamalaHarris@twitter.com How did all those Republicans get into this meeting anyway?

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As a nation we must invest in education.

We need to raise teacher pay to at least $60,000 a year.

We need universal pre-K.

We need to cancel student debt.

We need to make public colleges, universities and trade schools tuition-free.

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And it's not like they just linked to my tweet. They literally uploaded my copyrighted work and put a Mediaite bug in the corner as if one of their employees shot it.

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Hey @TwitterSupport@twitter.com, why is my copyrighted video uploaded here from @Mediaite@twitter.com as if @tommyxtopher@twitter.com shot it? Tommy, I'm sending over a 4th-grader to explain how copyrights work to you. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/statu

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We are doing everything we can to get @BernieSanders@twitter.com messages and policies directly to the people. Here is another way you can help become . 😃 twitter.com/geminiwahhaj/statu

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Hey TimTom, quick question: I spent the entire week with the rest of the press at the meeting. Didn't see you there. Please tell us you're not attempting to counter my firsthand account from a cubicle at @Shareblue@twitter.com. Please tell us even you aren't that ridiculous. twitter.com/tommyxtopher/statu

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Playing it safe, according to the old rules is the most dangerous course we could take. It could cost us the election.

We must reject incrementalism and pursue the transformative change that the working families of this country are crying out for.

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And, of course of course, Kamala's staffers are too dumb to shut up about it on social media, so now we know this was all staged by the campaign.


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for are asking crafters to make berets if any pattern, shade of red, even slouchy beanies—just beret like—for an upcoming event, TBD (it’s still in planning phases), in solidarity with & @amy4thepeople@twitter.com🙌

Their event—but let’s craft 4 them! twitter.com/scottdesno/status/

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Rev. William Barber calls on Democrats to host debate on poverty, racism - Religion News Service

I hope the ⁦@DNC@twitter.com⁩ heeds your call ⁦@RevDrBarber@twitter.com⁩. You put us on notice yesterday & you are right “both Parties have some repenting to do.” Oooowee religionnews.com/2019/08/23/re

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If Bernie’s people did this, they would be smeared 24/7 on msnbc and cnn as misogynistic sexist racist and anything else to keep pushing their hate. twitter.com/jvgraz/status/1165

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What’s weird is that Warren’s rise is a much bigger threat to Kamala than Bernie since they share a similar affluent white base. twitter.com/jvgraz/status/1165

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It has been 106 days, since I last saw my boy walk out my door that morning on April 9th. 106 days of hell and pain that I didn't know existed. 106 days of me moving forward and now fighting for change! NOW! youtube.com/watch?v=oOBxcUVzyQ

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@HuffPost@twitter.com Well this is how @SenKamalaHarris@twitter.com dealt with me. I asked her for support of REAL she shared my sons story of suicide in faux support, then weeks later released her plan under the same name that rewards my sons killers! twitter.com/SenKamalaHarris/st

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