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Almost everything falls on my husband now.
He's 10 years older than me too, and I'm getting old.
I feel like such a burden, and there was so much more I could do when I had access to the medicines I needed.
The health ramifications of not having them may be permanent too.

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.@krystalball@twitter.com: “Why do you think democratic socialism, etcetera, ‘Medicare for All’ is so unpopular when a poll just came out that showed Bernie Sanders beating Trump in Texas by more than any of the other candidates, the last 20 polls have shown Bernie Sanders beating Trump...”

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Jeff Bezos is worth over $110 billion. Amazon pays $0 in federal income taxes. Yet Bezos just cut health care for 2,000 part-time Whole Food workers.

That is what unfettered greed looks like.

We're going to make the wealthy pay their fair share and guarantee health care to all.

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I can officially confirm that @TxReason@twitter.com, Michael Cooper and I have agreed to have debates.

Will the rest of the candidates agree to participate in debates? pscp.tv/w/cE2swDFtTUVQTVJvWHJl

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Housing must be a right. We will:

✅Build and rehabilitate 7.4 million affordable housing units
✅Build 2 million mixed-income units
✅Enact a national rent control standard
✅End homelessness
✅Fully fund Section 8 vouchers

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@politico@twitter.com The many types of @politico@twitter.com news content

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You don't pull out your wallet when the fire department shows up to save your house.

The same should be true of health care.

That is why we need Medicare for All — which eliminates premiums, co-pays and deductibles.

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.@BernieSanders@twitter.com asked the man to stay through the town hall. Afterwards, Sanders and his wife spoke with the man at length in private, ditching a public meet/greet Sanders had planned with hundreds of supporters. twitter.com/carakorte/status/1

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Some in Washington say I am too angry about our broken health care system. I hear stories like this every day in America. My question is: why aren't they angry about it? twitter.com/carakorte/status/1

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it is both very funny and very sad to imagine what these guys would have been writing during the civil rights movement when you consider polling in the 60s

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Im late to the party but this vid is all you need to know about Warren’s place in this election. She can take a back-fn-seat behind her mentor. Backstabbing gaslighter w/no moral conscience whatsoever to attempt to take Bernie’s place w/his own gd platform

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Oh look, it's the union busting scab who organized the 'stop Bernie' meetings, with Amy Kobuchar's biggest fan, Bill Maher.

Don't worry, nothing to see here, folks.

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I can't believe we have Democrats still arguing to keep a health care system where citizens, a veteran, has to come to a public forum to beg for their life just hoping somebody hears them.

This is what out-of-touch Joe doesn't hear at a billionaire donor's house and never will.

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ICE released this today.

We must push back with everything in us. Now.

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Dear Mr. Bill Maher,
You, sir, are a wiggly worm, sir. And a wiggly worm, sir, is the lowest form of life....

Nuf said

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everyone on twitter: Neera Tanden is a union busting scab who should fade into obscurity and live out her days in an Arby's dumpster never to be heard from again

MSNBC: lmao, we straight-up gonna have Neera on 24/7 to tell u dumb motherfuckers y u can't have nice things🖕

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.@billmaher@twitter.com foresees Warren taking Bernie’s voters & proposes a compromise candidate...Amy Klobutcher.

@krystalball@twitter.com “...a poll just came out that has beating Trump in Texas! By more than any of the other candidates. The last 20 polls have shown Bernie beating Trump.” 🔥

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