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Briahna Joy Gray is a Harvard grad who has lived in Massachusetts for years. Obvious choice for Elizabeth Warren’s primary challenger. Speak it into existence people.

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Anybody that follows me on twitter I'm now @BertieRustle

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Thank you, @AdyBarkan@twitter.com! Together, we are going to make health care a right to all our people like every other major country on Earth, and end the disgrace of an inhumane, profit-driven health care system. twitter.com/AdyBarkan/status/1

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Pretty stark statement from a Kaiser nurse in NorCal who got sick after caring for a coronavirus patient, criticizing CDC for delays in testing. act.nationalnursesunited.org/p

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& notice how Coumo asks Nina not to interrupt, but somehow lost his voice when Hilary repeatedly interrupted.

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Biden supporters think tweeting emojis at establishment candidates is violence but they also think unfurling a nazi flag at a bernie sanders rally is funny

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@MiaFarrow@twitter.com @ewarren@twitter.com @maddow@twitter.com Meanwhile, on CNN tonight @JoeBiden@twitter.com surrogate, @hilaryr@twitter.com—a white woman—talked over and spoke down to Sen. @ninaturner@twitter.com, a professor of African Am. History and a lifelong fighter for justice, saying Sen. Turner *did not have the standing* to speak about MLK.

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Now that we are in a two person race, I want to bring this back one time.

It’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve written.


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I actually cannot believe there are accounts on this website insisting that Joe Biden never tried to freeze or cut Social Security. We really are in a post-truth world. theintercept.com/2020/01/13/bi

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Biden: "I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion. I think it went too far. I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.”

Bernie: "It is a woman’s right to control her own body, not the federal government's." twitter.com/People4Bernie/stat

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I've been voting since I was 18. I've witnessed the same cycle play out time and again. When we do vote and succeed in electing the candidate you tell us to vote for, we are then met with reasons why we shouldn't expect any real change in our material conditions.

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@hilaryr@twitter.com @ninaturner@twitter.com @wood_brwood333@twitter.com @ChrisCuomo@twitter.com @donlemon@twitter.com If you hadn't meant to, you wouldn't have.

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@hilaryr@twitter.com @ninaturner@twitter.com @wood_brwood333@twitter.com @ChrisCuomo@twitter.com @donlemon@twitter.com "Nina I'm sorry I didn't mean to come at you with my prepared talking point that twisted MLK's message and then get upset when you didn't sit in silence while I did a racism."

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@hilaryr@twitter.com @ninaturner@twitter.com @wood_brwood333@twitter.com @ChrisCuomo@twitter.com @donlemon@twitter.com you SCREAMED over a black woman who was accurately quoting MLK and told her she didn't have the right to correct your lies about him. you're disgusting.

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@NomikiKonst@twitter.com Let's go even farther and look deeper...

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How many of our black brothers would be alive today if it weren't for false accusation and execution for a crime THEY DID NOT COMMIT!

another name added to the list of black men MURDERED by the State for a crime he did not commit 💔


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The irony of Warren whining to Maddow about emojis, while at the same time Nazis unfurled a Swastika flag at a Bernie rally, is really too thick.

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