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Donut twitter for the past 24 hours over the endorsements

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Stunning moment at DOJ just moments ago, at event marking 10th anniversary of Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

Shepard's family sent a rep to read off a letter that took aim directly at AG Barr.

Key portion here:

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Show us proof that denying medicine to a person in pain helps someone else w/addiction.
Point to a statistic where it shows that ongoing restrictions in prescribing/distribution of opiate class medicine has reduced ODs.
Show us proof that new RXing policies help ppl in pain.

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I don't want a candidate who I can enjoy a beer with.

What the people really want, is a candidate who will join the picket line when you are fighting for fair wages!

There is only one:

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.@BernieSanders@twitter.com isn’t fighting to win just one presidential election -- he’s fighting for the soul of our democracy.

Here’s more on why I’m so proud to give Bernie my endorsement for president of the United States:

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IT'S OFFICIAL: @IlhanMN@twitter.com has endorsed @BernieSanders@twitter.com

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.@BernieSanders@twitter.com is right. With millions of Americans at risk of losing their jobs to , we need to make strong investments in our economy to protect good jobs.

That starts with supporting that strengthen the voices of hardworking families.

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As you're watching the debate, keep in mind that 1/3 of Americans didn't even vote in 2016 because neither candidate inspired them.

We tried a centrist in 2016, we lost. It's time to elect a real fighter who can beat Trump.

That person is Bernie Sanders.

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.@BernieSanders@twitter.com Values:

If there's going to be class warfare in America, it's about damn time that the working class, not the billionaire class won that war. ⬇️

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This extremely violent homophobic rhetoric from an official @ewarren@twitter.com surrogate is unacceptable. Elizabeth Warren's continued refusal to condemn this speaks volumes. Prance around in all the rainbow feather boas you want. Once a Reagan voter always a Reagan voter.

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I don’t think you really understand the meaning of the word β€œreceipts”, @AshleeMPreston@twitter.com.
So here are a few examples.

Credit @machineiv@twitter.com.

cc: @ewarren@twitter.com, @TheYoungTurks@twitter.com.

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@ryangrim@twitter.com Um...

1) Meth doesn't make you a bigot. Preston's further stigmatizing addiction to make excuses for her behavior.

2) How could she still be in the closet while being on HRT long enough to have "cleavage poppn out?"

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@ryangrim@twitter.com Problematic = racist, bigot, and sexually-active-women shaming.

I'm pretty sure those things are not a side effect of Meth and homelessness.

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Oh my god, this is an official @ewarren@twitter.com campaign surrogate? First it turns out her National Organizing Director was sexually harassing low level staff for god knows how long and now this? Elizabeth Warren needs to drop out. 🀒 twitter.com/machineiv/status/1

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@ewarren@twitter.com @AshleeMPreston@twitter.com Ashlee is racist and homophobic and just days ago called Bernie’s supporters mentally ill. But you do your campaign however you do it. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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@ewarren@twitter.com @TeenVogue@twitter.com @marieclaire@twitter.com @TheYoungTurks@twitter.com She's already deleting tweets. Pulling a Trump. But we've got receipts, Ashlee. Tell us more about Bernie's record.

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Pretty sure you don’t want to go down this road. Not because you’re lying, which you obviously are, but because you’re really not doing your candidate any favors. If you want to play the Who has a better long term and recent record on LGBTQ rights, by all means, go ahead. twitter.com/ashleempreston/sta

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