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Pretty stark statement from a Kaiser nurse in NorCal who got sick after caring for a coronavirus patient, criticizing CDC for delays in testing. act.nationalnursesunited.org/p

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@MiaFarrow@twitter.com @ewarren@twitter.com @maddow@twitter.com Meanwhile, on CNN tonight @JoeBiden@twitter.com surrogate, @hilaryr@twitter.comβ€”a white womanβ€”talked over and spoke down to Sen. @ninaturner@twitter.com, a professor of African Am. History and a lifelong fighter for justice, saying Sen. Turner *did not have the standing* to speak about MLK.

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@NomikiKonst@twitter.com Let's go even farther and look deeper...

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How many of our black brothers would be alive today if it weren't for false accusation and execution for a crime THEY DID NOT COMMIT!

another name added to the list of black men MURDERED by the State for a crime he did not commit πŸ’”


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@AnnieGrayerCNN@twitter.com @BernieSanders@twitter.com @cascamike@twitter.com Not the first time this has happened

But keep pretending Twitter trolls and their emojis are an existential threat to democracy

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Hilary Rosen thought it was a good idea to lecture QUEEN Nina Turner on Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

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@MiaFarrow@twitter.com @ewarren@twitter.com @maddow@twitter.com Hi Mia, care to comment?

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@MiaFarrow@twitter.com @ewarren@twitter.com @maddow@twitter.com "Control us"?!?!

I'm a 46yo single, independant as fuck WOMAN , with a job, a mortgage, raised my children, pay my bills and my taxes, and I'm an American VOTER.

Last I checked I'm grown. 🀨


How dare you.

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@MiaFarrow@twitter.com @ewarren@twitter.com @maddow@twitter.com

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RT @SantaMonica403@twitter.com

@MiaFarrow@twitter.com @ewarren@twitter.com @maddow@twitter.com

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warren went on rachel maddow to say that bernie supporters are too mean online, and one hour later this happened at a bernie rally. like, for real. its time to grow up

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upon further inspection, this nazi-sympathizing account appears to be a supporter of @ewarren@twitter.com β€” is she going to denounce this kind of toxicity? @maddow@twitter.com where are you on this

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this is the reaction of twitter user "bernie sanders rape fantasy" to footage of *an actual Nazi flag* that someone brought to bernie's really tonight. does anyone in the media want to do a story on this maybe

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This is the man that the DNC corporate overlords have declared has the intellect and stamina to beat @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com in 2020.
Listen to this man.
Listen to him.
This man.
Joe Biden.
These bananas clips are *only* from his 2020 campaign trail.
He is not well.
Democrats are doomed

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@QueenInYeIIow@twitter.com Warren stan have been going after Rebecca Nagle for a long time. Idk why Warren hasn’t apologized to Rebecca for her toxic supporters.

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Biden allowed committee members to harass and torment Anita Hill. He even refused to call witnesses that could corroborate Ms. Hills story.

Biden supporters, explain to me why on Earth do you trust THIS man to be President? He's basically a Republican.

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Here's the deal, folks: @JoeBiden@twitter.com is deliberately trying to erase his record from your memory. He wants you to forget about his repeated efforts to freeze/cut Social Security. Don't let him get away with it.

Take 2 minutes to watch this -- and retweet: twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/12

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As a journalist, can you @carlsonmargaret@twitter.com back up your claim that sanders treated warren like β€œgum on his shoe” and didn’t β€œpay attention” to her? Really hoping @thedailybeast@twitter.com reporters don’t think they can smear people on @msnbc@twitter.com and get away with it.

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"When legislation came up some years ago determining whether our gay brothers and sisters could be open about their sexual orientation and serve in the military I said yes.

Joe Biden said no."


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I would be very proud to be the first Jewish president. Together, we will counter the hatred and bigotry of the Trump administration. Thank you @jewsforbernie@twitter.com for standing with us.

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