Oceans of Plastic (documentary) - videoneat.com/documentaries/17

"Four Corners brings you this thought provoking story from French filmmaker Vincent Perazio in which he examines the work of these scientists investigating our plastic waste. "

If you can help us raise money to buy a 4TB Hard Drive to continue to backup TROM files and seed VideoNeat. The old and rusty 1TB Hard Drive used for this is not enough anymore...go here if you can help - tromsite.com/fundraiser/ - Thanks!

Another book translated by Dima into Russian - The 'success' of Prisons tromsite.com/ru/#dflip-df_9052

Another book translated by Dima into Russian - The 'success' of Prisons tromsite.com/ru/#dflip-df_9043

Simone just became a $10 patron! - Thank you! Like I previously said, such gestures have a direct impact on TROM despite being hard to trace individually. tromsite.com/donate/ Thanks!

If you want to stay up to date with what we do for TROM, we all post updates all the time to TROM Live on tromsite.com. We don't want to rely on any 3rd party to keep people updated about our project. We only rely on our servers. ;) media.giphy.com/media/Zx1oKr5E

Tank you Uwe for the 10EUR paypal donation monthly! Although most people don't see/feel such gestures, I do and they help me stay focused on TROM and create honest and useful tools and content. tromsite.com/donate/

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