TROM-Jaro apps we recommend: Tor

If you really want to browse the internet privately then the Tor Browser is the best option for you. It will be slower to load pages/files, but that’s the nature if its decentralization.

We have a public Riot room where people can engage with us and discuss TROM stuff - install (or use in the browser) and join anytime!

Thank you Savadey for the 100 AUD via Paypal and the message "keep up the good work " - Awesome! Lately more and more financial support for TROM which is fantastic! Thank you so much people

Jungle Animal Hospital (documentary)

" At the jungle animal hospital in Guatemala, the wards are full of exotic patients, many of them orphans rescued from the illegal pet trade. It is the job of a dedicated team of vets to nurse them back to health."

TROM-Jaro apps we recommend: Eye of Mate

The reason this is the default TROM-Jaro image viewer is because it works with most images and it is very simple to use. It does the job!

A new FAQ on Isn't scarcity the source of most problems, and not trade? -answer here

Out Of The Dark (documentary) -

"The story of a brave young soccer team gripped the world. The extraordinary international effort to find and rescue 12 boys and their coach from a remote cave in northern Thailand was watched closely by millions. F"

Now we are going to manage TROM-Jaro in open at - anyone can get involved!

Here's a cool extension to help others bypass censorship online - it is made by the Trade-Free and super well known Tor Project. Just install and you'll help others. Volunteer power ;) - and trade-free!

Some people say that scarcity is the root of most problems, but we argue tha trade is :) - here is a short article about that and now available in german too

Thank you Jennifer for the 100 Euros donation. Wow! And for the message "Thank you for all that you do! ". :) -

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