ok i have accounts at soc.ialis.me/@TRONMAXIMUM && witches.town/@Ixrillia feel free to follow me over there! ill probably use those accounts more than i use this one

GAMEDEV ARTSTREAM RESULTS! worked on the big guy in the middle over about 6 hours.

thanks to everyone who came by to hang out! <3
next art stream will probably be on saturday around 8PM PST, as i'm going out drinking tomorrow night instead of streaming



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hmm, home timeline still won't refresh even after logging out a bunch, dang that kinda sux. guess i was logged out too long lol

(will be doing one tonight as well if high resolution pixel art is a thing you like)

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ps i started doing late night art streams on my twitch channel twitch.tv/tronmaximum usually i start at around 9pm pst and go on until like 1-2am~

apparently my home column doesnt refresh anymore, rip

first day of February Hustle

entering BOSS MAMA mode

downloading firmware

installing firmware

please wait... this may take a moment


installation complete

rebooting B.R.A.I.N. systems

configuring Hustle...

establishing schedule system

loading bong hit... 100%


disabling emergency tweet systems... complete

engaging slack channel window

expanding graphicsgale...

BOSS MAMA mode initialized. supplementary Art Bitch systems now active. systems OK, all green.


Something important about racism on Mastodon: 

This: mastodon.social/users/vahnj/up

If you make a racist joke "ironically", and you can "see how that could be taken as offensive", it's racist and you should pack that shit in immediately.

I've had one friend leave here because of this.

Your "ironic" racist pun that seems trivial to you is shit some have to confront day in, day out their whole lives. Ironic racism+effects are indistinguishable from the real thing. Pack it in.

*pulls one all nighter* well at least my sleep will stabilize now *takes two naps and considers a third* fuck

woke up at 2am which means my sleep schedule is only few hours away from being normal again

speaking of which now that all the bills are taken care of and i'm awake still maybe i'll work on tunes today

when you think you're too tired to stay awake any longer but you are actually more powerful than ever thought possible

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