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puttin these here in the hopes that i figure out if you can pin posts on this confusing website

switched instances b/c i am realizing being on the really popular one that's bound to be unstable from the influx of new users is bound to not end well

@j is the new one

well, until then, you all get to see my very good webpage in its not-even-remotely-finished state

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i have a website on my bio that i want to eventually put all the stuff i've made on, except i might've jumped the gun a lil early because my favorite piece of writing i've ever made is for a zine that isn't out yet


if a pitcher hit me I would run over to where he is and kick the glove out of his hand and kill him because hes not specialized in melee fight

1. see something nice when going about your day
2. write about it
3. revel in the fact that we are all just people
4. give emotional support and validation to others who write about that nice thing they saw today

only having to seriously do HTML stuff once a year is really fun because it's enough of a timespan for me to completely forget what the fuck i need to do when building something in html

shoutout to my avatar + header, which i made in photoshop at max brightness on a laptop with an IPS screen so now whenever i see it in any other scenario it looks like absolute shit

most of us on here are trying to get away from the brands

we just kinda want a basic-ass social media website to talk to each other and occasionally make bad jokes on

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gotta say, there's something comforting about seeing people on the birdsite talk about how they can't use mastodon because they can't promote their brand as well, because it means that there's going to be less people promoting their brand on mastodon

oh god the subtweet equivalent is called subtooting

i might use this as my main thing for showing off the stuff i'm actually trying to make

it seems a lot less scary to do it here

i can't wait for this thing to actually get traction so i can see people who are on instances like or whatever

i have a mastodon + twitter tab open next to each other and every time i have to switch to twitter b/c most of my friends don't go on here, i get this really uncomfortable feeling

i guess it was always there, but it's a lot more obvious when right next to it is a site that doesn't make me fear harassment because i said something too loudly that a TERF didn't like or w/e

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