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current list of Things:
- org chem test
- bachelors thesis
- a bunch of books

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If you do not understand the diagrams, just read the text. Explanation of the rest is on its way.

-Jonathan Clayden, Organic Chemistry

and whether someone who's born again in one truth can be unborn in yet another

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he establishes two theories of learning where it's assumed someone who has the prerequisite for truth can come to know the entire truth, the first of which is Socratic and the second of which is something he (or at least Johannes) claims no-one invented. the difference is whether the prerequisite for truth is pre-existent (the Socratic theory) or given in the moment by God through Redemption. i'm still unsure what kinds of truth he claims this holds for except for the existence of god

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kierkegaard's Fragments is proving kind of hard to understand even language-wise. i have 1 footnote that i didn't really get at all but i think i have a handle on the first chapter otherwise.

not posting on main because if someone translates this they'll find out i thought "maybe 30 nails" is a thing you can buy

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i just need to figure out how to stick the upholstery to the bottom without buying a staple gun

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literally the only reason i would consider a Phd program is the hat

i passed pchem 1! now to actually relax for a bit. maybe i'll read more about this shit too it's actually interesting when you get to the more involved parts

the later chapters of these textbooks are always more interesting. i wish i got to them more often

wow i found the 9th from a random google search. i rely on libgen too much i guess

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maybe my problem with atkins physical chemistry is that the eighth edition sucks. gonna try and study the ninth from now on whenever i can

going to try to discover the usefulness of a mind map soon

i'm only a quarter of the way through adler's "how to read a book", but it's really increased my confidence as a reader and writer. im writing plans for my thesis without even a little self-doubt because i know i can do it


this is the kind of thing that's in my wheelhouse academically if you're interested. more about the hippophae phytochemistry than the mushroom biochemistry side though

it's so cute how dostoievsky-like the prose of this biography is. all these exclamation marks, ellipses and references to clods and detractors remind me of him. don't know if it's henri troyat's doing or the translator, adorable nonetheless

it makes sense the gnostic poem is called thunder, perfect mind. the mind is like a cloud where ideas come together from smaller parts around randomly placed nucleation sites. in a thunder cloud, charge is created by friction between large masses of particles. things we say are lightning bolts charged up by all of our ideas rubbing together. sophia, like the positive and negative charges that generate lightning, is unities of opposites

in most of the studies ive read they use mayonnaise to test the shelf life boosting capabilities of new products. just put a bit of it in mayonnaise and see if it helps

freaking consumers. your fantasies can never be quenched, can they

might even get a 3/5 depending on the point limits. very happy with that at my current work pace

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