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earlier i met this butch and she was also talking to me about astrology and she explained it so romantically. she was like "there's so much to astrology, all these little things like moon and rising and sun signs that tie together who you are. you are a planet, you're made up of constellations, you're the night sky." and tbh i fell in love with her a little bit right there

a coworker asked my astrology sign the other day and not almost every time i do or say something mildly Out There she's just like "oh right, you're a sagittarius" asdffl;ljasdfl

anyway cuz i thrive off attention time to repost some of my art

i like the fact that mastodon doesn't t ally up all of your notifs. makes it easier to come back to without feeling like the site is yelling at u for not payingattention to it

guy in an "asmr for people who hate christmas" asmr video went "would your..friends...say that you exhibit....signs of christmas ptsd" and im like god yes if that aint me

Kinda funnie and also sad that when i wanna go to a place where ppl are happy to see me i gotta go to McDonald's...

Tfw you wanna stim but its such rare behavior around other people that you cant bec theyll keep asking "whats wrong" and "are you ok" and "stop"

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is there truly anything better than hearing the adience at a concert screaming the lyrics of a song along with the band in just pure rapt joy

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you know, i may not be where i wanted to be by this age, but would 12 year old me be proud of me? no.

Just saw some friends i havent seen in a Very Long Time and im. Filled with love...

if you're looking for panacea you need only look as far as the pantry shelf which holds the little boxes of tea

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my cat's name is Tuna but her full name is Tuna Wuna Luna and that's the very least she deserves

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none of my posts have integrity; this is an integrity-free account

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