HEY EVERYONE!! If you like Klonoa like me and want more amazing content, check out the Klonoa comic!! It was made by shiftylook! Its very good and the art is wonderful!

Read "Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol" here: klonoa.the-comic.org/comics/fi

tfw you have no more vaguely funny things to post so ur just sitting around like

Hmm it appears that I deleted this from my .social for some reason so I’m going to post it here for posterity.

we will miss you old man youll be my very first follower ever

sorry for the watermarks i dont have money to buy the frame

Everyone: Oh tumblr sucks lets move to mastodon.social
Everyone again: Oh Mastodon.social sucks lets go to berries.space
Everyone for the third time: Oh berries.space is lame lets move to trash.social
Everyone AGAIN: Oh trash.social sucks lets go back to mastodon.soc

consider commissioning me! just dm me on here if you're interested, I wasn't too sure about the prices (if anyone has any opinions on them and if I should change them please let me know!)

i do really feel bad for the trash.social users who slept through this and have to wake up to their instance admin having committed a fucking atrocity

Can You Admins Stop Committing Atrocities For A Fucking Second

admins these days... they get cancelled so fast

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