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Happy New Year! Was all up in florals today

Roses are red
Roses are yellow
Roses are pink
Roses are white
Roses are thorny
Roses are prickly
Roses are fragrant
Roses are flowers
I guess

Here’s a short comic about Valentines Day and also New Year.

Holy buckets, this Cupcakke album is amazing.

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‪ThiccKylo sketch card. Not sorry‬

I'm like 3000% Princess Ayeka, if you're curious.

My friends and I are currently discussing which Tenchi Muyo characters our personalities best map to, and it's the best thing ever.

Bad feels Show more

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lmao this page is so god damn much

One of my absolute favorite webcomics is back from hiatus eeeeeeee 💖

The Superbowl is already making Minneapolis extremely unpleasant, good grief.

Happy Monday!

Writing... is incredibly difficult, omg

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There was a blizzard and I got stranded in the cities. Thankfully, I have sweet friends in the area who let me crash with them, but Jeez Louise, that was a doozy.

I forget that The Comics Industry is a smoldering, belching dumpster fire.

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Hi, everyone! I'm doing a Kickstarter Make 100 campaign make silkscreen prints of the red illustration below! ✨
If you like vampires and werewolves in love, check it out! 🐺💖🦇 Please boost to spread the word!

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