Apparently some silly USians want to extend copyright again:

Repeating my Twitter reaction:

When will musicians realize that their biggest competitor is ALL THE PAST RECORDINGS EVER and revolt against this madness?

The Internet is not what makes music hard work. Never was! It's competing with Elvis & Mozart.

Demand the right to build on the past, not compete with it.

@HerraBRE At some point we need to point out that if the law keeps getting extended and Mickey Mouse never falls into the public domain, copyright as Congress defines it is no longer limited in extend and therefore falls outside the authority the Constitution gives it to grant copyright for a LIMITED period.

@seanl Probably true.

But that's a largely U.S. specific argument which is only a weak defense anyway.

I can't bring myself to get excited about fighting over crumbs.

@herrabre @seanl It's addressed in the article. The Supreme Court decision that allowed Sony Bono to stand was based on "[no seriously this is probably the last one]" and yet another increase would undermine that.

No need to get excited, but particular, specific points against specific increases in dominant parts of the world is part of what will hold perpetual copyright back.

US-specific arguments are super important, simply because they are the big intellectual monopoly and they are keeping everyone else on a leash.

@clacke @seanl Holding it back, playing defense forever, just isn't enough.

We need to roll it back to something sane. Probably not abolishing it entirely, but copyright should be measured in decades, not lifetimes.

My opinion, of course.

@HerraBRE @clacke @seanl actually we should abolish private property entirely, in all its forms, but especially "intellectual" -- the particulars of which depend on the *discovery* of information and not the *creation* of it (as no information can be created or destroyed, it is infinitely transmissible and therefore not subject to any natural law of scarcity)

insofar as (c) continues to exist, anything more than 10 years is altogether too obscene.

I think there probably needs to be some kind of private property though we might be able to agree on something you might not consider to be private property. The only form of IP I think had any business existing is trademarks, but those are covered by prohibitions against fraud.
@HerraBRE @clacke

@trwnh @HerraBRE @clacke
I think the main reason to have some kind of private property is that there is always a trivial way to privatize any shared resource, and that's to kill everyone who contests your claim. Since we don't want that to happen, we provide a way to do it that doesn't involve killing.

@trwnh @HerraBRE @clacke
I can imagine that there might be some other way to coordinate the use of a resource besides privatizing it, but I don't understand any proposed solution well enough to decide that it's a viable replacement yet.

@seanl @HerraBRE @clacke common or communal property works fine. if you want to stop people from killing over private claims then you don't use your own guns to protect their private claims. you should instead protect against murder.

@seanl @HerraBRE @clacke anyway the core of the point is that property should be defined by usage (personal property) and not by abstract monopoly (private property)

@trwnh @HerraBRE @clacke I'm not opposed to this idea in the abstract, but I don't understand how to concretely apply it. Say, for example, I leave for work in the morning, then come home to find someone else has moved into my house. Since they are now using it, does that make it their house? If they do damage to it, who's responsible for fixing it? What constitutes damage versus normal wear and tear in that case?

@seanl occupying a house for less than 8 hours doesn't really qualify as usage, though


@seanl it's not really about the time spent. it's more about who is using something more, or more importantly. e.g. you live in a house, and you live in one house at a time, your stuff is there, you personal belongings are there, etc etc.

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