any website that can detect my use of ad/script blockers is a website that justifies the use of ad/script blockers

@trwnh Well, apparently that's because they can scan what's loaded in your browser, if you use a network level block such as a PiHole or if your router allows adblocking on the router they apparently can't detect that.

@UnclearFuture @trwnh not sure if I understand this. If they check via getElementById, the element is not there with any blocking method, is it?
At least blocking via /etc/hosts (resolve ad domain to localhost ) seems to be detected

@uvok @trwnh

I am not sure, I just read something once that said that a lot of the reason adblock/script blocking checkers know you are blocking is because they can scan the browser and someone said the solution was to do network level blocking, but maybe they were incorrect or scanning methods have moved on now.

@UnclearFuture @trwnh Sometimes they simply detect whether an element loaded and can work backwards from there, which works against DNS-based methods like PiHole

@bhtooefr @trwnh Oh, I wonder that that person was talking about then. Anyway, thank you for teaching me how it works and why it can detect it :).

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