grubhub thinks a strong password shouldn't contain your username or the part before the @ in an email

which is kind of a problem when your email is a single letter, because they literally just do a simple substring :angery:

should i tag this with or something because i totally forgot

oh yeah i also didn't like having to give my phone number and being force-subscribed to their SMS notifications

does this also mean you can't order food from their website if you don't have a phone number?

@trwnh there's a terrifying amount of services you can't properly use without a phone number

microsoft randomly locks your account and demands a number, google sometimes locks you out of account creation, etc

@xenon that's totally bonkers and i hate that this is the world we live in

@trwnh I was just complaining about these sorts of password requirements, making me have to choose what I know to be a worse password. But your story makes me feel better!

@alcinnz i mean yknow it's not a bad idea in principle to say "don't make your password the same as your username" but the problem is that someone wrote their regex and forgot to add word boundaries

@trwnh Certainly, I can't disagree.

The issue I was having is that many sites don't let me use long multiword (XKCD-style) passwords.

@alcinnz symbols are generally allowed but support for spaces is still kinda uncommon; my password generator has two options, one to generate a long string of random characters and one to use five pronounceable words separated by dashes or underscores

@trwnh Mines similar, but I like translating it to spaces manually if I can. I need the practice typing my passwords anyways. And here it's three options: camelCase, TitleCase, or lower_case options.

@alcinnz you'll never have to type out your passwords again if you use a password manager :thinkhappy:

the only passwords that i know are my google password and my enpass master password. and the google password is just so i can login when necessary in order to access google drive and get my enpass database

@trwnh Yes, I need to figure out how to integrate something with Odysseus.

At least I don't have school computers to worry about now...

my college did the same thing. I couldnt have my preferred name in my password, except my preferred name is just "j", so all j words were out lmao

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