anyone have any css tweaks they like? i'm compiling a repo for users and admins to import whichever tweaks they wish...

work in progress link:

right now i'm refactoring my "mastodon flat css" userstyle to be a bit more modular so you don't have to import all-or-nothing. the stuff i pulled out is in app/javascript/styles/mods but i still need to clean up the base palette stuff in app/javascript/styles/mfc

@djsundog attn btw, i've deprecated the old linernotes_mastodon_themes repo because it's merged into this new one. it *should* work as-is right now, but no promises? would appreciate having you pull in new changes and precompiling them to test, i wanna get it to a working state

@trwnh will do ;) I'm going to be doing the upgrade to 2.7.2 at the same time so I am sure something will furrow my brow

@djsundog as far as getting the theme/mod files into your mastodon deployment, someone messaged me to talk about it and idk git is too complicated for this

your best bet might be to just clone the repo elsewhere and copy the files manually (as i think you ended up doing?)

@trwnh I've been wondering how to import themes for a while now. You are wonderful for putting this together. Thank you so much!

@caltlgin we'll be getting some new themes in the next couple of days :blobaww:

@trwnh this is a great idea. Maybe this would be a good place to organize some of the good userstyles that actually still work since there is no good way to sort by fucking date on

@liaizon i feel like a lot of those are just basic recolors (which can be superseded by my mfc palette since it has vastly more coverage) or wider columns (usually with a percentage, but i find the better solution is to use ch-widths instead like min-width:60ch)

i haven't really seen any good styles except for some single-column styles maybe? layout tweaks are pretty cool, i'm working on refactoring out some mobile layout tweaks i've been working on that are in perpetual beta


just looking back at it again there are actually a ton of different stuff there that seem quite customized other then just colors and widths. but most of the more advanced ones haven't been updated in a year or so.

@liaizon i mean, if you see anything worth sharing, then please do. it starts to look same-y after scrolling through 9 pages.

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