anyway lemme just say rn that interoperability is more important than ~decentralization~ and p2p is useless if you have to install 100 different p2p apps just to communicate with everybody

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semirelated but i just got done trying out a bunch of terribly broken xmpp clients for ios so that's where part of my ire is coming from, lol

really seems to me like when people say "ios has better apps than android" they're only referring to commercial/corporate offerings like snapchat and instagram

because lemme tell ya, i have not been able to find any good productivity apps for ios at *all* in the past week. no truly good email/xmpp/masto/calendar+tasks/etc apps at all. sure, some are passable, decent even. but not what i would call "good".

even apps like inoreader which i use for rss are... awkward to use? and that's not entirely from the app itself, i feel... a big part is how ios is designed.

example: to mark an article as read, why do i have to swipe all the way across the screen? my finger gets tired. a swipe action shouldn't be that long, but every single ios app has the "long swipe" paradigm.

another example is readdle, the calendar+tasks app I've settled on. why is it so hard to find a good calendar+tasks app? it feels like most apps do only one or the other. it pales in comparison to business calendar 2 on android.

the platform design paradigm shenanigans: non-obvious buttons. scroll to current day is done by tapping the list header. settings buttons are usually hidden behind some other menu or two.

yet another example: enpass. autofilling is a bit more awkward, why? because touchID makes things slower. here's how:

- you have to wait for the touchid popup to appear, then for it to go back down. the android version lets you do the fingerprint scanning right away.
- you have to do it every single time! the android app runs in the background so autofilling is just pressing the persistent notification. but ios prompts for touchid because it has to switch back to the app. every. single. time.

on the flipside, as i said in the beginning, the commercial/corporate apps are indeed better.

this has had the unintentional side effect of turning the iphone into an app purgatory of sorts, for stuff banished from my main android phone. but also of redownloading old apps i stopped using. a part of me wants to try out snapchat/instagram/tumblr from the "other side", to see the appeal of it maybe? because they mostly suck on android (except tumblr, which is fine).

closing notes: a few other things are just different in appearance but not function, it seems. like discord's drawer is a slide-in pane on android, but it causes the entire main column to slide out of view on ios. this is also a thing in instagram and twitter for some reason. chalking it up to another platform thing.

@trwnh now I finally get why I accidentally swipe stuff in Android all the time ugh I've literally accidentally deleted emails and then missed the "undo" popup

@trwnh (I'm coming from iOS but I had an iPhone 5 where there isn't too much screen to swipe across)

@noiob i mean i'm using an SE which is basically a 5S body which was mostly same as the 5, but it's still just a little too much for me. to be fair it's harder to accidentally swipe when you have to swipe the entire screen almost, but i still prefer shorter swipes. especially for reversible actions like read/unread, fave/unfave.

@trwnh Iirc you can swipe faster but shorter but yeah, I agree, some things can be shorter

@trwnh I just checked in my email app (the one that LG preinstalled) and it's less than a centimeter and then I have to catch the undo button, maybe I should look for a better app 😄

@noiob wish i could recommend k9 mail but eh i use gmail for android, which is sadly still the best email app on any platform despite getting worse recently

@trwnh I tried Gmail and didn't like it, can't remember why tbh

@noiob yeah they tend to do that

update before last was pretty good. the new hollow icons and blinding whiteness of google material was a downgrade imo, but it's only an aesthetic change so the functionality is still the same

@trwnh I liked Toot! on iOS better than Tusky on Android, and it's an indie app developed by @WAHa_06x36 .

@Xjs @WAHa_06x36 i use subway tooter on android because it's plain and utilitarian and updates very quickly to support every single API method. it already does polls ;)

toot! is a nice app but it's got too many animations for me. i've actually settled on using the webapp on iOS personally, but i do like toot!'s thread branching on the side.

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