@polymerwitch thank you for sharing! Looking forward to reading this.

@charlag @polymerwitch Could someone who reads this lmk whether it's actually punk, or just a bunch of liberal reformist wishful thinking? i.e. whether consumption has been scaled back or whether they think solar panels will solve everyone's problems while allowing us to keep the same way of life, whether people still work for bosses, whether production is still centralized, etc

Both because I might read it, and I want to know whether it belongs on #SunbeamWiki #solarpunk page

@socalledunitedstates @charlag @polymerwitch@sunbeam.city you'd have to ask that question of each individual story within the book because it's an anthology. from briefly scanning it, it looks like a mix of part solar, part punk. it's not fully punk, but not just purely solar either.

@socalledunitedstates @charlag @polymerwitch@sunbeam.city like, one of the stories has a riot in it, but another story references HR memos. one essay talks about decentralization and coops, then another essay refers to "american ingenuity" so... eh.

@trwnh @charlag @polymerwitch If that's a fair assessment, I'd still want it on the wiki for the good parts. I'll wait for a more complete review though


@socalledunitedstates @charlag @polymerwitch@sunbeam.city the way it's structured is there are 4 short stories (on a matrix of big/small urban/rural) and then each one is followed by 1-2 essays tangentially related to or analyzing that story. and it's not really like the good essays follow the good stories, so it is quite a thoroughly-mixed bag. probably good food for thought though

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