First #IndieWebCamp hack day project complete! I'm finally starting to get an understanding of CSS Grid.

Thanks to help from @tantek I was able to fix the display of my monthly calendars at by switching from table display to flex>grid>flex with table>tr>td markup. Kept the table markup and was able to remove one level of nested divs inside too!

The <table> element is a flexbox, the <tr>s are a grid, and the <td>s inside are a flexbox. This lets the rows of the calendar vary in height, but forces the height of the cells of each row to be the same height. Finally the city names at the bottom are able to be "stuck" to the bottom of the cell.

@aaronpk i'm all for using grid, but <tr> is a 1D row element so there's no real difference w flexbox, is there? you could use align-items: stretch

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@trwnh The problem is the <td>s. As display: table-cell, they can't also be flexbox containers to have the contents stretch to the full height of the cell. I need them to be display: flexbox, which means they can't be a table, so then I can use the grid to create the <tr> and flexbox again to contain the rows in the <table>
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