i won the auction on this sony pcm-m10 portable audio recorder, but i got too anxious and sniped too early :roundboi: perhaps if i had waited until there were 15-10 seconds left instead of 50, i could've paid $50 less... oh well

i've gotten soft, it's been too long since i had to actually bid on something. my mind was not ready

anyway in the end i ended up having to pay exactly what i thought i would, instead of getting a sweet discount. so at least i didn't overpay, technically...

i was kinda expecting the existing max bid to be higher than what it was tbh

it's not too bad because i have 6 months to pay it off i guess. but $50 is $50. so i'm delaying having a working server :angery:

@trwnh was this ebay? theres a good chance that waiting wouldn've made a difference and probably cause you to lose because of how it does autoincrementing

@aliasless yep, ebay. that's what i was worried about in the first place, but unnecessarily so bc my strategy is to place my max bid as late as possible. so if it's currently $120 then i bid $200 bc i'm willing to pay $200. except then it went to 122.50 instead of to like, 150 as i expected, so the other person had enough time to raise their bid to 180

which means conceivably i could've won it for 122.50 instead of 182.50 if i'd bid at ~10s instead of at ~50s. but anxiety got me 2nd-guessing

@aliasless like

my brain: "ahh what if you actually want to pay a bit more than what you've already decided is your max?"
me: "that sounds like a bad idea and very fiscally irresponsible"
my brain: "but what if, tho"

@aliasless i should probably mention the sony pcm-m10 has been discontinued for a while so it's really rare for a v good condition one to pop up on ebay, and, well... they aren't getting any cheaper, i tell ya hwat

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