overhead tvs are a terrible idea and it boggles my mind that it seems to be a trend

i can understand a glanceable monitor above your main one / main row, but like, mounting an entire tv above your setup? that makes my neck hurt just thinking about it

it looks cool but the ergonomics are terrible

which really seems to be a good summary of the "gamer" aesthetic: all looks, questionable function

like, the higher up you have to look, the smaller i'd make that monitor

my main row is 20" / 30" / 20" PLP with the dell 3017 in middle and 2007fpb on sides. i used my old lg 24" 1080p on top for glanceable info but i ended up taking it out, partially because it wasn't terribly justified, partially because i needed to use it elsewhere

if i had to re-add a 4th monitor to my desk setup i'd make it an ultrawide so that it wasn't as tall. and i'd even consider putting it *below* instead of above

anyway i wanna see more utilitarian setups and odd monitor layouts that are geared toward actual workflows instead of looking cool when you show off your "battlestation" or whatever

one time i saw a youtube video of a really weird triple monitor layout and the guy said it was that way bc they did a lot of CAD work and unf yes more of that kind of showing off please!!!!


like i really wanna see someone work a crt streaming setup into their desk. the closest i've gotten was to take my 3-monitor and just replace one of the side monitors with my crt, then put the mixer next to that idk

i feel like audio production optimal layout is closer to being a solved problem than anything else -- center monitor flanked by speakers, equipment rack mounted under the stand or w/e. that's good shit!

this is probably unrelatable to like 99% of y'all lmao

i just really feel content when i see good self-justifying design idk

a real powermove is to not put your desk up against a wall

@lugh conclusion: go easy on your cheap 12-year-old desks

honestly my spring-2017-era setup was cable management goals

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