@prophet_goddess tbh all my socks are knee-high and usually bamboo if i can help it, i just don't wear socks inside my house lol

@trwnh i cannot even begin to comprehend this, i am almost never not wearing socks

@prophet_goddess i get hot easily so i wear light clothing as much as possible. also my floors are clean bc no shoes inside the house

@trwnh ah. do you live in a hot place? i probably wear socks as much as i do 'cause i live in new england

@trwnh ah. ok. the sockless life is acceptable and perhaps necessary in alabama

@prophet_goddess its also kinda bad bc we dont have a fully working ac and can't afford to make it cooler anyway bc my grandma is old and thin-blooded so she gets cold below 75F and i start to die above 70F

so im usually wearing a tank and shorts

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