Our reaction to Gab joining the fediverse:

- Blocked Gab domains

- Added Community Guidelines pixelfed.social/site/kb/commun

- Added user level domain blocks

- Added CW to comments

Fascists and Nazis can h*ck right off and are NOT welcome on our platform.

@pixelfed ok who runs this account now this does not sound like dandsup :dvalul:

@trwnh ohhhhhh right right yeah.... its totally dan..... i forgot................... :witchywink2:

@anna It was! The original version was a bit more harsh.

I never thought I would have to say that, I naively thought it was already apparent by my actions and previous toots.

F*ck Nazis!

@xeno @dansup i will use the h*ck "meme" forever i dont care how "cringey" it is it keeps me from getting banned from online games

@dansup while there are minors on my instance, it is my job to teach them curses :witchyfly:

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