I don't think the #Fediverse needs to replicate "the Facebook experience" in order to dethrone it. I think mimicing #Facebook leads to #ReactOS syndrome: where you're chasing a moving target that has far more resources than you do, so you get farther behind every year.

@lnxw48a1 diversity of tactics. i'm quite happy with the fediverse in its current form already, but i'd want something "facebook-like" not in the experience, but in the integration. something better, really. something as ubiquitous as phone numbers and emails. and to me, that means being able to manage my own information instead of relying on external authority.


@lnxw48a1 it's hard to find something that'll let you pub, sub, chat, and group, all in the same package.

@musicman direct closed communication with specific recipients

as opposed to group, which is generally indirect since posts go to the room / wall (although groups can be either closed or open)

some GNU Social instances offered that in the past. I am not sure what became of that feature. My current instances does not appear to offer it
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