tips for newcomers

follow, boost and fave all you like! we don't care about follow ratios and faves are private. go hog wild!

boosting your own posts is 100% ok. no shame. the TL is chronological, so there's no algorithm to fight.

please do use CWs. if in doubt, use one just to be safe.

hashtags are your friends and really the only effective way to search for posts. be sure to use them to maximize your reach.

don't be afraid to engage. dumping pictures is fine but stay and chat a bit too!

@extinct Faves are not private. If you click on the star above the star (the one next to the fave number) it shows you the list of people who've faved.

@lukesci that's true, but you cannot easily access a specific user's favorites, or see them on your timeline is what I meant. Faves and boosts on posts are not shown in real time to anyone but the op as well


@extinct @lukesci @kurisu also the only favs you can see are the ones from local users. if you load the original post in a web browser, you can see the total (which may be higher), but you can't see the list at all.

@trwnh When I visit this toot ( ) I can see that it's been faved by four users, only one of which is tootplanet-local. Maybe it's favs from local users and favs of local toots?

@lukesci ah yeah whoops that's what i meant. basically you can only see what your local server is aware of

@trwnh @lukesci @extinct its actually, local users, users you follow. Or all users if you're on the same instance as the person who posted it.
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