hey do you buy from amazon? you probably shouldn't if you can avoid it, but if you can't, then please consider bookmarking/loading amazon through this link that makes them pay me a bit of money and thus reduces their profits

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if you disliked this post then please consider backing me on or donating via so that i don't have to shill affiliate links

thank you whoever ordered anything via this link because wao i really appreciate the deposit i just got

thank you to the people who use my amazon affiliate link, i appreciate the heck out of you whoever y'all are 💙

it's like the second most effective way to support me / help keep me alive, right after giving directly through paypal or liberapay

@trwnh I’m afraid to click in case it’s a page that is just a looping airhorn and “scab!!” in giant epilleptic red lettering

@trwnh do you ever check what was purchased with the link? you can do that, right?

@trwnh Nice credit card number and home address.

@trwnh I'll use this the next time I order something just to tell the bot it didn't arrive a couple weeks later and get my money back

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