Their helpdesk site (which hosted their documentation, install links, changelogs, etc) is gone and redirects to

All that's left up is their landing page at (as well as and i guess)

Last snapshot available on from June 2019

i don't know how i feel about this i quite liked koken but it's kinda been in stasis for most of its life

then they sold to netobjects and got a few more updates before stagnating again

aaaaand now they're dead and gone and barely anyone will remember them except me and a few other people who built their photography sites on their cms

well their installer is apparently still live at

should be the latest version 0.22.17 released sometime back in february 2017 (coincidentally)

big f


on a related note i guess i can stop considering keeping my photo site on koken. heh. rip for now too

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