i'm so tired of pulseaudio that i'm literally considering dedicating onboard audio *entirely* to pulse and then just wiring that directly into my hardware mixer, instead of using the usb connection as was intended. at least then i can dedicate the usb connection entirely to jack...

interestingly the whole "no audio" thing only happens with my usb mixer... i just connected some shitty speakers to lineout and opened pavucontrol and closed it and it didn't go silent

so i think i might have to just Give Up on the usb-in part of the mixer, and only use usb-out? kinda inefficient, but should free up the usb to allow connecting it to any system instead of just the desktop...

ok i think i "solved" it for now

i can at least maybe dedicate the usb side of things entirely to jack when necessary, or even unplug it and plug it into other computers (including my laptop potentially) so maybe it actually works out better in the end?

hilarious how the best way to deal with pulse is to completely isolate it


half of these cables would be unnecessary

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