i wish i had a desk without a back so i could actually use a leg rest or something

idk if i regret buying this executive u-desk but i'm definitely not 100% happy with its geometry

for context it's a "realspace broadstreet" i bought at a massive discount from office depot bc no ikea anywhere near me

sometimes i forget and i kick up my legs and hurt my shins

i will say though i do appreciate the cost-per-raw-surface-area... at least at the cost i got it for. i cannot recommend it without at least a 60% discount

sometimes i idly wonder what it'd be like if instead of buying the cheapest thing i need at the time, i actually could just buy the good thing outright

when you account for time wasted it's probably cheaper in the long run, but that's not enough to overcome the psychological barrier of actually spending money e_e

@trwnh realspace broadstreet sounds like a chinese knockoff of wall street

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