Mastodon 3.0.1: I'm looking for a way to disable the "unread notifications" count in the title of the window.

I would prefer to disable this server-side and make it opt-in for users.

I will settle for a way to disable this as a user.

Any ideas? I've been through Admin>Site Settings, User>Settings, User>Notifications, User>Other, and the slider menu at the top of my Notifications column, but I'm notorious for missing options. #mastodev #mastoadmin

It is important to me to note that early in Mastodon's life, showing the number of unread notifications was considered an antipattern and users were vocally pleased that Mastodon DIDN'T do this.

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@noelle not sure, you'd have to modify the server code that generates the page title


linked the pr in there if you wanna find the "files changed" and undo the change manually

@trwnh My issue is mostly that I don't want to undo the change wholesale, since obviously *someone* wants it, but figuring out Mastodon's user settings system is beyond my Friday-at-10-PM capabilities. ;)

@trwnh That said, I am pleased that I'm not the first person to complain; I see that in @anna (I think?) had the same complaint.


@noelle honestly never noticed it bc mastodon is always focused/pinned for me :roundboi:

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