do you use namecheap? do you want easy wildcard ssl certs without writing your own certbot hook? well i've just done that work for you probably

now i can just run "renew" and everything Works*

pay me for emotional damages caused by namecheap's api:

- recurring:
- one-time:

*(we'll see if it actually works in a couple of months, but signs point to yes)

ok so if someone can pay me for 4 hours labour then i've literally broken even on this godforsaken waste of my life and it's not so bad

i'm not asking for $200 i'm just saying in a perfect world namecheap owes me $200 and a few therapy sessions

holy shit thank you

i've wanted this for so long aaaaaa

@haskal i have also wanted this for so long

thank you trwnh for finally making it damn

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