what's the probability of solder coming loose over time? i'm trying to figure out why my m50x headphone is not getting audio in the right side, and i don't see anything out of the ordinary...

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nvm the cable is frayed to hell inside the rotating earcup on the left .-.


oh great and the right wire just ripped out of the solder too

i need new headphones yayyyyyy hahahaha kill me

@null i just went ahead and ripped everything out and i wish i had soldering equipment and wires to redo the whole thing properly

@trwnh at least it'll be better after the internal recabling x.x

makes me scared for my m50x's, I don't have an iron down here yet and I already have one project on backlog waiting for one

@null there's cabling inside the headband which means if you want to replace the little swively part if it breaks (and it did break for me, it's fragile), you have to replace the entire headband :-) and they're out of the bl because it's a limited edition :-))

@null i'm thinking i either have to splice new cables or try and disassemble further and just run new wiring through the headband? idk

@trwnh I think I'd go for routing new wiring through the headband? the jack looks OK but trying to patch the existing wire is probably a nightmarish endeavour

@null yeahhhh this is all thats left of it

idk how to disassemble the swively bit yet though

@trwnh the swively bit has two little Phillips head screws in the bottom part, and four in the top part. I've never had to get into it yet tho, so idk what lies past all that. I'd imagine there's a channel for running wire through tho.

as for the broken bit... hooh idk there. a small bolt maybe, but that would be reeeally unsightly. superglue basically never works for me, but maybe you can convince it somehow

@null i tried superglue before which i think is what long-term killed it bc no more flex in the wire

the two small bottom screws are out but idk how to proceed, the top screws all remove the front plates so those were easy

@null RIP to the pleather headband that peeled off and i ended up dyeing brown with shoe polish .-.

@null at least black looks kinda cool idk i have a chance to use a better headband at least if i ever get around to fixing it

@trwnh well... a project I always wanted to do if I ever came across broken m50x's with good ear cups was mount the ear cups in an ATV helmet

if you end up just getting new cans... maybe it's mad science time?

also yeah the black is nice enough, if you just get a new headband.

@null brown/copper accents were kinda nice but eh

and yeah i guess i could just keep the drivers in the worst-case scenario

@null the "hidden" ones are the ones i was talking about, they let me slightly pop open the casing but i dont wanna break anything

@trwnh OH okay

I feel like that opens up the channel on the ear cup side so you could recable, but the part I'm pointing at I think opens up the rest of the swivel and it has 4 screws

try that one next!

@null it's a discrete part and i think it's just fitted snugly into the part above but i dont wanna twist it lol

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