@flowman177 @trwnh @wizard I think RC (being cola) should have been the third choice and Dr Pepper (not being cola) should have been the fourth position.
agreed, especially since dr pepper and rc cola are both owned by the dr pepper snapple group so... yah sorry about the reposting but it didn't send the full thing first time
@flowman177 @trwnh @wizard
@murabito @emacsomancer @trwnh @wizard The dr pepper snapple group was bought by Keurig Green Mountain for 17 billion dollars and now the snapple group is a business unit of the Keurig Dr Pepper conglomerate,13% of the conglomerate is owned by Mondelēz International and another 13% is owned by shareholders of dr pepper snapple group and the remaining majority (87%) is owned by JAB Holdings. I don't think that the coca cola company owns the Keurig Dr pepper I might be wrong though.
@murabito @emacsomancer @trwnh @wizard "There is no truth to this rumor. The Dr Pepper soft drink brand is owned by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group; neither the drink nor its parent company has been acquired by Coca-Cola (or any other entity), nor has Dr Pepper Snapple Group announced plans to discontinue production or sales of their flagship product."

"It is true that because Dr Pepper lacks the bottling infrastructure of other beverage giants,
Coca-Cola owns bottlers in North America who produce and distribute both Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper products, but those two brands are, and always have been, owned by different companies."

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