What's the sister/brother but genderless?
(German would also be good)
sibling is not the thing I think?

@f0x can I address you "dear sibling"? Sounds like "dear human life form"

@charlag @f0x It's acquiring more informality lately, I think, because it's being used more for specific individuals rather than just groups (like as a shorter way of saying "all my brothers and sisters") or hypotheticals (like "do you have any siblings?").

It's like "spouse," which I never used to hear said about one specific person but it's increasingly common, at least among subcultures that include non-binary people or just people who want to use less gendered language.

@error_1202 @f0x wow, thanks, that's a very affirming answer!
But do people use it in "abstract" "comrad-like" sense?


@charlag @error_1202 @f0x oh, you mean like "brothers and sisters under god" kind of usage? i think "fam" (family) is kind of like that instead.

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@trwnh @error_1202 @f0x I have no idea about religious context but I've barely heard "fam" and idk when I can use it

@charlag @trwnh @f0x Yeah I think "sib" would be better than "fam" if you want a short word, I associate "fam" with African American English and they have enough difficulty with people appropriating their words. :)

@charlag @error_1202 @f0x "fam" probably is more widely used in areas with crossover from AAVE. i live in the southern US so it's very common to hear it around here. also it's not strictly religious but the comradely way of saying "brother" or "sister" is an outgrowth of the religious usage.

@trwnh @error_1202 @f0x wow, I've learned a lot tonight! Thanks!
*goes on to read about AAVE*

@bamfic @charlag @error_1202 @f0x it's something basically everyone around here says in birmingham. ive only ever been called "brother" one time i was in atlanta

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