i like the friends ive made here and im blessed to have them and know them

im still thinking about when @alayna said she would hug me then feed me tater tots. is this what love is

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one time @amic said we are equally cute and damn that's high praise, i mean, she would know about being cute,

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i like @pie and the conversations we've had. purest person i know aside from me

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@a9 is maybe the person with the comfiest vibes i've ever met. "hi i want to be friends" well me too. :patcat:

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i think @codl is my biggest fan and i'm theirs. their poasts are good. profound mutual appreciation

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@noelle 's puns are groan-worthy but also aspirational in how much buildup they can have

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the enumeration of individuals above is not to be taken as ranking nor as an exhaustive list

if we have ever had our lives cross for even a moment on here and our interaction was positive, i appreciate you

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