switch to telegram and get flashed with full frontal nudity

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@trwnh ya know i bet there's a handful of people that would take that as a selling point wholesale

@trwnh this might be straight up illegal to put in a job description lmao

@melissasage i need someone with a "high iq" to schedule my trips for me

@melissasage @trwnh Telegram seems shady enough they're probably hiring the position through some shell company in a country with no discrimination laws.

@trwnh he has a thing about hiring people who win chess competitions, apparently, which explains why they roll their own crypto

@noiob @trwnh I figured they roll their own crypto and don't document it because they're borderline crazy. I trust their encryption as if it's an unencrypted XMPP server.

@BalooUriza @trwnh oh they just think they're smarter than everybody else which is usually a bad sign

@noiob @trwnh Kind of dovetails with what I said, though. When I'm having a bit of a spaz moment I tend to think of myself as smarter than everyone else, and that gets me in trouble.

@BalooUriza @trwnh I just wanted to put it without the casual ableism

Lewd adjacent 

@trwnh If I were that bear, I wouldn't be covering my eyes.

@trwnh to be fair, I *do* recieve most nudes over telegram
@pie @trwnh also we need to invite you to the group chat then probably
@trwnh Now I'm wondering if whoever made this had an "open API" fetish

@Dee whatever it is i'm feeling more like the teddy bear

@trwnh I really can't relate because I never had a service with an open API flash me with its API

@Dee i mean more that i am traumatized and offput by telegram

thread is cursed, not a shitpost, a genuine product of capitalism that is severely cursed 

@trwnh what the everloving fuck

@trwnh The fact they chose a woman to flash just adds to the quagmire.

@hypolite same character in all the icons telegram.org

the "free" icon is also pretty wtf because it's that person breaking out of jail, but at least it makes sense

@trwnh It still depicts a meaning that is completely different from what they meant 😕

@hypolite yeahhh i just get the image of "use telegram if you are a criminal trying to evade capture"

@trwnh Still feels the graphic designer had no relationship or knowledge of the project and based themselves on a single word for each picture.

@hypolite @trwnh Amusingly, the same artist does a lot of the stock stickers that come with Telegram, as well. I strongly suspect they're quite familiar with the product. English? Not so much.

@trwnh @hypolite Well, for a different definition of "free" than the one they're using in context.

@hypolite @trwnh And a presumably male bear.

Thinking they got inspired by Portland's mayor Bud Clark flashing a statue on the Portland Transit Mall back in '80. That image made it on a poster that was used to advertise the Portland Art Museum.

@hamishcampbell @trwnh the funny thing about fashionable activists using Telegram for activism is that telegram is now less secure than WhatApp even.

(Though Facebook might fix that as soon as they reduce / remove WhatsApp's encryption)

@BalooUriza @hamishcampbell @trwnh Telegram was initially more secure than WhatsApp because it featured an 'encrypted chat' function that'd supposedly hide your conversation even from Telegram. Sadly the encryption both optional and is entirely homebrew and not really peer reviewed, AFAIK. That makes it suspicious.

WhatsApp later added mandatory encryption with help from Signal, making their chat more secure than Telegram's by default.

@polychrome @hamishcampbell @trwnh Yeah, like, *why* aren't they using something standard for encryption?

I strongly suspect they're basically using PGP as a usage model given the optional nature of the end-to-end encryption (which explains why it doesn't work with groups). Why it only works on mobile and not on the desktop versions completely escapes me.

@BalooUriza @hamishcampbell @trwnh the simple answer is that the encryption is based on their homebrewed MTProto and that there's a lot of ego involved.

This StackOverflow post sums up the issue with resources to read about the mess, if you're interested: security.stackexchange.com/que

@polychrome @hamishcampbell @trwnh The fact that they're using AES suggests it's not nearly as bad as I had imagined. But why go through the extra steps past that?

@polychrome @hamishcampbell @trwnh Oh, now that I read deeper...they actually managed to figure out a way to make AES suck.

@polychrome @BalooUriza @hamishcampbell @trwnh More than suspicious. Somebody wrote their Ph.D thesis on a full break.

@trwnh Their protocol does tend to make people respond that way...

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