looking at my old tumblr posts it's funny how things have changed and also sad that some things stay the same

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i've made a lot of progress, but have i really made progress or do i just have slightly different problems now

put me next to 2015 me and the only thing that's really changed is that i don't have to worry about school shit

one time i gave someone the exact advice i need right now, wow

holy fuck there's some things i'd forgotten about in there, some really fucked up awful shit

anyway that concludes me browsing the "personal" tag on my old tumblr, my mood is really awful now :-)))

i feel like saying something to someone but idk who to say it to and idk what to say

just really complex rn

@trwnh My stress levels have been so much lower since then. Actually not having to deal with school bullshit has been the biggest improvement in the state of my health since ever

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