kinda weird thinking about how many people i knew on stuff like twitter / instagram / snapchat

and now most of those accounts are dead so there's no point in me even keeping my accounts and i ended up deleting bc no one was left

it makes me wonder how fedi will develop as time goes on

i dont think i'll ever delete, bc fedi is more like a communication thing kinda like email, the network will outlive any project or website

but there's already dead profiles and people i wish were active etc etc

just something to think about

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i wonder if fedi will ever get boring

i'd like to hope not but i know that it's not really up to me, people will absolutely fade away and withdraw over time even if fedi remains "good" because people just get too busy

for all the people that stopped using twitter due to toxicity, there are just as many people that just no longer had time for it, even before it became a rat race

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