Here is a fabled Patreon update... Mostly stuff you already know if you're following me, but also a picture you might enjoy seeing

@Gargron woah e2e. I wanted to experiment with adding it to Tusky for a long time.
Signal protocol then, eh?

@charlag Yes! Keep an eye out on the PR:

I'll be updating the description with more info as I flesh things out

@Gargron @charlag is this going to kill existing DMs, be a progressive enhancement, or standalone alongside? i think there's some value in unencrypted direct posts (as forward-secrecy conflicts with having a consistent message archive, it will always be a "pick one" situation...)

@trwnh @charlag Won't be able to phase out old DMs for a long time but the long-term plan for them is to be phased out

They don't match people's expectation on how DM conversations should work, they don't match people's expectations on privacy, they're a liability in terms of database performance, potential risk vector in the code, and legal responsibility

@Gargron @charlag hm. i'd say my expectations are that dms should work like twitter / instagram / any other website... i understand some people want full e2ee everywhere but a lot of people also *don't* want that.

the main thing i'm concerned about though is that direct posts are a legitimately good and useful feature in the middle of threads, and leaving a direct reply within a specific context is one of the killer features of fedi. it's why the current "conversations" are so awkward...


@Gargron @charlag possibly unpopular opinion but the old direct timeline api was more useful than the conversations api for that reason

i do, however, see a way forward for Message to become a new entity that is separate from Status, and for the Conversation entity to use Message instead

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