#TransCrowdFund cta, ?/$1400? semi-urgent, stranded 

A friend's vehicle broke down about 350miles from home. They got to their destination but need to at least replace the sparkplugs. Possibility of a blown head gasket, which would cost $1400 to replace. If you can help out in any way it would mean the world to them!

#TransCrowdFund cta, ?/$1000? urgent, stranded 

Update: friend has replaced the spark plugs and ignition coils, but the car is still misfiring. They need a few hundred dollars to call a mobile mechanic. If it's the catalytic converter it could be up to a thousand. It's important that the car is running by Saturday so they can start their new job!

#TransCrowdFund cta, ?/$1000 by saturday, stranded 

Update 2: friend is going to need to either replace the catalytic converter or buy a different vehicle :(

This means that they will need $1000 or so ASAP. Let's get them home!

#TransCrowdFund update (done) 

Update 3: They've done the repairs!

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