can't decide whether to get a 13 inch fully loaded laptop, a 17 inch lightweight laptop, or no laptop at all and just live with the fact that sometimes some keys on the keyboard will not register a keypress

i mean i might have a lil money now but i am very much still psychologically predisposed to not spend it

tech comparison 

- 32gb soldered on dell
- 8gb soldered + 8gb expandable to 32 on lg

- one nvme slot on dell
- two nvme slots on lg

- 2560x1600 @ 1x, 17" on lg
- 1920x1200 @ 2x, 13.4" on dell

these are the main differentiators between the dell xps 9310 and the lg gram 17z90p

@trwnh sorry but i'm stuck with a similar to yours mindset thinking all i need is my thinkpad x230 so not very useful


@michcio yeah but does your thinkpad have a tendency to drop keypresses? :p

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@trwnh haha no i think i would bring it to the enby i bought it from and ask for a keyboard replacement

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