My boyfriend was using Pixelfed for months before he found out about the local/network timelines.

He doesn't understand the point, and told me I should make it easier to discover accounts and content.

Not everyone uses these platforms the same, and I wouldn't be surprised if most people never check local or network timelines.

Anyways, its not really fair to compare Mastodon and Pixelfed since they are very different.

Wish all the best for the new app and the existing vibrant ecosystem of 3rd party apps!

@dansup hiding public timelines makes sense for pixelfed but not for mastodon imo. mastodon sites have more of a community niche because of being primarily text posts, whereas pixelfed is generalistic due to being more oriented to media sharing


@dansup also "hiding" it in pf would basically be just stripping out incomplete code at this point wouldnt it

@trwnh What do you mean? The local/network timelines in pixelfed are complete and work as expected.

@dansup i thought there were still bugs with them but to be fair i haven't been keeping up recently, been swamped with work -- it's another thing to check off the project management milestones i suppose

@dansup We're still pushing for a hashtag-based Discover as the main way to find stuff though, right?

@trwnh Oh I see, yeah we squashed a lot of bugs recently! I have a bunch of exciting stuff to push for our next release in the next few weeks. Mostly bug fixes and federation improvements, but I was able to squeeze in a few surprises 😁

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