hey y'all please listen to 's new album/EP "A Dream About Love" bc it is v good

i feel like i am shouting into the void when i talk about music on the mast of dawn so my only hope is to convert as many of you as possible into fans of my music taste

while you're at it go listen to their entire discography too why dontcha

the only thing negative i have to say about it is that ugh they misspelled impostor as imposter on the first track's title

@noiob i mean... not really, it's more an observation that they didn't use the "proper" spelling, is all

@trwnh I see "imposter" way more often, at least pre-Among-Us

@trwnh i just listened to it and i was just thinking what the resident circa enjoyer on my fedi timeline's opinion on it was

personally i was reminded of some of the slower deep cuts on descensus but even more ambient and less... written in a week while ant green was just out of rehab. not sure where i stand on the whole thing, will have to listen more

@dxciBel yeah i can dig that, it's certainly got a bit of somber feeling imo. i still haven't grasped the lyrics tho so that's just my initial impression. the descensus comparison is a good one

@trwnh HOLY SHIT YES! I remember when imposter syndrome played at the end of their live stream. Such a good EP.

@trwnh literally looped the EP today while working. 👌

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