less subscribe buttons more rss feeds

anyway i am thinking of making a furaffinity to rss scraper

i found an existing one but it quotes lowtax in its readme so im going to pass

maybe someone who is actually familiar with how fa works should be doing this instead of me

it is extremely frustrating that i could scrape almost everything i need in a single request *except* submission date for which i need to visit each submission's page

this *could* have been easy but instead i'm going to have to involve *cache*

why does FA insist on calling every time zone "Something Standard Time"

shout outs for not having the same wonky time zone list as half the web but no shout outs for, whatever the fuck this is


Tired: Using tzdata, which is what everyone on the Internet uses, and which is maintained by like three people total

Wired: Maintaining your own timezone list, used by your website, maintained by you
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