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infinite love Ⴟ @trwnh

ugh i really hope crossposters don't slowly choke mastodon like they did to diaspora*

if you're just crossposting everything you tweet on birdsite then what even is the point of making a mastodon account? that's glorified spam at worst, and a recipe for abandonment.

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@trwnh yep. I am muting every single one of em

@DarkestKale i don't wanna give up on them entirely but they're not really doing themselves or the wider network any favors. hard to imagine anyone actually caring to subscribe to auto-posts that just aggregate a feed already present elsewhere... except maybe, like, a website or RSS feed or something? I dunno.

@trwnh nomsabes lo que dices.

Dejalo o estudia mas.

@trwnh I dunno. I was on DIaspora and used the post to tumblr feature it had, for some of my posts, and it felt just the same. Had many interactions on D*.

To me, it all started to go down the hill after Ilya died, and then some drama that I don't even want to undig. It took me 6 years to almost-forget. :x

Having this said: yay, a fellow Diasporian! :D

Also: in general, I agree with you on this.

@eloisa Well, Diaspora* and Tumblr are different. Diaspora* has more overlap with Facebook, in that it's essentially a profile page (and not strictly a microblog).

The people I knew who made the jump from '09-'10 era Facebook did one of two things: 1) go back to Facebook, or 2) abandon Facebook-like platforms entirely for microblogs (like Twitter or Tumblr).

And then Google+ came out and totally aped any chance at success Diaspora* had, as "essentially the same thing but backed by Google".

@eloisa also RIP ilya :( i remember being torn up about that.

@trwnh oh, yeah. I remember the "good ole times" when G+ launched and I had to explain ppl that NO, D* does NOT look like G+, it's the other way around! D: Gah. Still to this day I have to say this to some people who disappoint me because come on, if you're into Open Source, Social Media platforms et al, this was basic knowledge! D:

@eloisa "wow hey these circles are pretty cool" uh, excUSE ME, they're called ASPECTS,,,,

@trwnh G'awful, we could even make a bingo chart out of things like that! ugh

@eloisa speaking of which... I wish those caught on somehow. Maybe they were TOO prominent in the UX and therefore confusing. But, well, it's nice to control who can see what. Unfortunately, it only works with two-way connections -- if someone is just "following" you, then you need a DIFFERENT categorization system for the other direction.

@trwnh Ah! I had a flashback to "the aspect's esprit" rip-off when I heard about Vero and how they make everyone put people in aspects (they call it something else) before being able to accept a request. They also have a follow, for when you're not mutuals/friends, but again, nothing new in the social media verse - and so, the output to the public sphere stays the same.

@eloisa I have to admit I didn't pay any attention to Vero at all, lol.

@trwnh I deal with social media, so I *kinda had to* at least check what all the fuss was about. xD

@eloisa Well, lucky me, I'm just a dabbler!

@trwnh true, when I jumped ship I went to Twitter and Tumblr for some solace. Now, Mastodon, am liking it. Wish I had known about it sooner, too!

@eloisa I feel old, I've had this account since November 2016 and I can't remember ever making it. My memory of using this platform just jolted OnLine after the Great April Wave.

@trwnh I have it since Nov 17, but only really started using it now.

I haven't been very well health-wise, especially between April 2016 and Nov, 17. And this affected my decisions regarding use of social media, etc.

It still does, but now 'm slowly but surely coming back to my old self (it's a lie, we never really come back, but you get the picture, I hope), and thus, starting to enjoy things again, like Mastodon, etc. :)

@eloisa Ah, yeah, I definitely feel ya on that. July 2016-forward was a pretty dark time hanging over my head. I use social media a lot less now than I did from 2011-2016, but I enjoy it almost as much as 2008-2011.

@trwnh Yeah, cross-posting is one of those things that seems reasonable on the surface, but actually it enables users to become dependent on the very networks they're trying to leave.

@deadsuperhero idk about "become dependent", since it's moreso that you end up abandoning the network you put less effort into.

@trwnh this is a totally reasonable viewpoint! for me, i do it because i have disjoint sets of friends on each site, and i do my very best to keep CWing stuff even from birdsite :x

@tastymochafox i feel ya. personally if i log into twitter i usually post totally different things there, but if i was crossposting i'd do it mastodon -> twitter because i care less about twitter -- i've already given up on it.

for a new person who signs up to mastodon and has 0 friends, setting up a crossposter means they don't interact with anyone, so no one follows them, so they don't show up in feeds, so they think it's a ghost town and quit.

@trwnh yeah 100% agreed with that... c'est la vie; I too wish I could 100% abandon Twitter.