🇬🇧 We no longer federate with counter.social.

This means it is now impossible to see statuses, to follow and to interact in any way with people on this instance.

counter.social blocks whole countries they considerate hostile and we believe this is a huge error. This is pure racism, tainted with hate and we don't want to promote this behavior.

counter.social is the only blocked instance on xyz. While we want to be as open as possible to all opinions, we don't want to be open to fascists.

thank you. :)
they block nations we block nationalists
✊ ❤

But, and I think that's very important to mention, they don't seem to be fascists.

I have seen jester also speaking out against the muslim ban and also made actions against homophobia.

I think it's important to make the destiction between fascism and nationalism, otherwise me might loose credibility by those how critisice our action.

I agree with all the rest you've said


@paulfree14 @status they're jingoist liberals. jester was in the military. they support the american state unapologetically.

that's functionally the same as fascism because america is built on a fascist mythos. "manifest destiny", "monroe doctrine", "world policeman", etc. are all fascist.

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