Heeeeeere's the new Mastodon Flat CSS (MFC) theme!


You can now select either "Midnight Blue" or "Clean Slate", OR create your own custom palette!

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Fixed an issue where elephant friend was being a bit too forward -- so forward that they blocked the toot button at times for short browsers! They're now in the background behind a truly transparent sidebar.

Probably going to have to update my Mastodon CSS theme for the new public profiles soon, since it looks like some instances are pulling it from the master branch early. !remindme

Just pushed a massive rewrite to GitHub and to -- now you can use use mixed-luminosity color palettes! Nothing stopping you anymore from having a dark background and light columns, or vice-versa, or anything in between! Have fun picking colors! :hotboi:


On a side note: when the heck did it become 4:06am?!! wasn't it just 9pm a while ago? :roundboi:

@umby thanks for the catch! i forgot to test at different sizes but it's fixed now. c: pushed it out to github and userstyles a minute ago

@trwnh Crap. Would love to try these, but my Firefox can no longer be updated. :(

@amylsacks Not sure what that has to do with it -- can you not install addons or use a different browser or reinstall?

@trwnh I clicked on Stylish, and it says to install I need a later version of Firefox. I have a 10.7.5 Mac OS X. (2008, but I bought it used about 5 yrs. back.) Do you know an add-on I can try out? (Not that the default layout is awful, but I'd love to try something new.)

@amylsacks Hmm... You can try Stylus, maybe? Otherwise you can try tracking down an older version of Stylish.

@trwnh Cool. :) Thanks. I'll try and look into that later today.

@amylsacks You might also run into some unknown bugs if Firefox 48 doesn't support any CSS I used, but I dunno.

@trwnh A buddy is going to help me try and find a more reliable browser later this week. I kind of have to keep this laptop until it perishes. When I had my 2002 Mac, I had Ten Four Fox, but a cursory search didn't turn up a version of that for Five.

@amylsacks Well, you're going to be limited by driver support IIRC -- Firefox and Webkit dropped support, and Safari probably hasn't been updated (since updates are tied to the OS version with Apple...)

Here's the version history for Stylish, so see if you can install any of these?

@amylsacks Although I think Stylus supports v48 of Firefox, so give this a try first (I prefer it to Stylish, myself!)

@trwnh I know it borders on treason to say so, but even when it was (more or less) current I never liked Safari. 😈

Thank you so much! I'll check these out after lunch. 🍽

@amylsacks Oh, no one likes Safari ;) Safari is the bane of every web dev's experience, even worse than IE was back in the day. At least IE *worked*... and in fact, it was often the only browser that worked due to its monopoly.

@trwnh LOL. Thanks for the flashback to uh... every admin. job I ever had. ⌛️

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