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my cpu temps on my node 202 build were reporting as 92c which is beyond unusually high... and i don't know what's causing it? i thought my corsair h55's pump stopped working... but it's working fine. i took it off and put a 212 evo on it (basically a big hunk of metal) and it was still inconceivably high. do i need more clamping pressure or something? i'm at a bit of a loss, not sure why it wouldn't be clamping hard enough...

infinite love Ⴟ @trwnh

ok i tightened this shit with some pliers so hopefully that's tight enough. looks like it's idling at 25-35c so that seems to have done the trick

i undid the overclock temporarily just to make sure it works at base clocks, so i think i'll slowly ramp it back up tomorrow

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