i refuse to actually ever post an introduction. instead, i will simply appear in your life one day, and act like i've always been a part of it, and you won't question it

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one day i'll make a profile for my physical avatar but today is not that day, because i'm still being 100% personal until i can actually manage aspects of myself from the same account.

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(that's actually one of the things i can't really say any social network has done properly yet, except -- shockingly -- google+ "collections". maybe hubzilla's "channels" comes close.)

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(also i want full data portability, and outside of, again, hubzilla's "nomadic identity", no one network even comes close to this)

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@alayna desvox. i don't watch anything other than anime. please.

bleach spoilers? idk 

@andre tsukushima "book of the end" in which i rewrite your memories so that i was always a part of them

torchwood spoilers? 

@trwnh taking a pill that induces amnesia in me in order to forget you and hence make you no longer exist

@andre but it's more like i've always existed without beginning or end

life begins in media res

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