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infinite love Ⴟ

I'm sticking with option 1 for now -- I'll revisit this when I get more feedback, but for now, pushed an update to my theme for v2.4.1rc1 which also fixes a lot of minor inconsistencies!

And there's a new palette option now -- "Droid", a neutral dark grey theme with that classic Android Green :)

Revisiting the theming for the section headers, now that they're on the public timelines as well as the profiles.

Please comment which one is best!

1) Make timeline match profile (bgPage)

2) Make timeline match header, leave profile the same (mismatched)

3) Make profile and timeline both match header (profile no longer subtle)

4) Make profile and timeline match header, and extend bgHead into rest of bio (?)

here's an idea to make the rightmost column not suck while still including trends

ah, my least favorite thing to see since 2017

concept: "Switter", but instead of it being a mastodon node that bills itself as twitter for sex workers, it's an android app to swipe through your twitter timeline like tinder

can anyone give me any testimonials for my website redesign? ideally i want, like, 3-5 quotes that sum up how others see me (i have 1 right now). going to make them a flex vertically <480px and scroll horizontally over that. examples in pics

like, here it is on a 1080x1920, in case someone has a rotated monitor or decided to "view as desktop" on an fhd mobile device? idk, i'm not going to try to justify my massive over-engineering

i mean it, here's what my simple placeholder looks like

all according to keikaku

(tn: keikaku means plan)

@djsundog how's this for a basic dark palette? tried to go with a kind of browny almost leather, coupled with a deep orange like a vu meter or vacuum tube. green accent like level meter. wanna keep it simple but considering trying out making the column headers into meters if that ends up not being too complex

looking for suggestions on subdomains when/if I move to a self-hosted mastodon instance

@unascribed hey just wanted to let you know that embeds are broken for some reason on


rounded mastodon ui elements: y/n?