i wish i had a desk without a back so i could actually use a leg rest or something

idk if i regret buying this executive u-desk but i'm definitely not 100% happy with its geometry

for context it's a "realspace broadstreet" i bought at a massive discount from office depot bc no ikea anywhere near me

ok so i just boosted/faved two photos of an account i soon realized was actually scummy

so here's the two photos i liked

also i found sources so that's cool too

"Fluorescent Sea" by Laolay Guo 1x.com/gallery/fluorescent-sea

"Reine Lights" by Denny Bitte dennybitte.tumblr.com/post/187


proposal to remove the drawer and getting-started backgrounds -- they're not there in the single-column layout and i think they shouldn't be there in multi-column either 🤔

cc @Gargron

all i can come up with now is that dorrie has been referred to as he/she/it in different games so uh. genderfluid? trans? heck. queer icon

jeez the "face with hand over mouth" emoji gives a totally different feeling on ios

android looks like it's laughing, ios looks horrified

apple is totally in the wrong here because the full name specifically calls out blushing and smiling emojipedia.org/smiling-face-wi

when ami wants a Good Post and you have an idea for an image edit but are wondering if you should put the effort in to actually make it

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