this is actually the source of that edit, but for some reason only half of this was reverted. the first bit is still live rn

4 hours later i'm realizing i sent a toot where my phone's keyboard wrote "gargrield" as a word suggestion and i just. didn't notice it. somehow

you know you've been on mastodon for too long when your phone thinks "gar" must always be followed by "gr" at least

i can feel a nigerian prince emailing me this very second

"Competition is the law of the jungle, but cooperation is the law of civilization."
--Peter Kropotkin

oh hey finally stumbled upon this by searching for "avalokiteshvara mudra" which i somehow hadn't already searched for due to spelling variants

it looks like it's the kataka mukha, "holding a (lotus) flower", except... doing an image search for "kataka mukha" doesn't show anything like this at all, still? ffffuuuuuuuu

my head is crammed full of buddhist mudras rn and i *still* don't know exactly which one this sculpture is making ;-; i just want to be able to finish my asian art paper but i'm blanking on the significance of the gesture that i can't identify because i, uh, can't identify it

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Should I add a "collapse fave/boost notifications" mod to my MFC userstyle? This is what it would look like.

I'm starting to think about making a separate userstyle/repo for the more miscellaneous tweaks that don't depend on my color palette framework...

...but IDK, I think letting people tweak it all in one place (e.g. the "Customize Settings button at ) is still valuable.

Just pushed a massive rewrite to GitHub and to -- now you can use use mixed-luminosity color palettes! Nothing stopping you anymore from having a dark background and light columns, or vice-versa, or anything in between! Have fun picking colors! :hotboi:


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