i know you don't want change,
but nothing is ever what it used to be
The Sound Of Animals Fighting - "St. Broadrick Is In Antarctica"


i gotta keep my head up, my head up
i gotta keep myself from feeling this way
i'm tired and i'm fucked up and i can't stop
it's only in my head but it's not gonna change
Dead Poet Society - ".AmericanBlood."

i just can't handle this
i'm just so scared of it
a challenge fit for a man
when i'm just a kid
Bayside - "Carry On"

still so set on finding out where we went wrong and why
so I retrace our every step with an unsure pen
trying to figure out what my head thinks
but my head
just ain't what it used to be
then again,
what's the point anyway?
La Dispute - "Andria"

but the truth is,
you were never there,
you won't ever be;
sometimes i think I'm not either, so what do i do
when every day still seems to start and end with you?
and you won't ever know,
you won't ever see
how much your ghost since then has been defining me
La Dispute - "You And I In Unison"

see, i keep falling for the future after tripping on the past
and i am always tearing sutures out
to make the anguish last
like it defines me
or reminds me
La Dispute - "The Last Lost Continent"

i am the patron saint of lost causes.
aren't we all to you just near lost causes?
Anberlin - "(*fin)"

and I know that you can't
help this feeling I get when
you say you understand,
and I know that you can't
Circa Survive - "Dyed In The Wool"

will i ever be half what i can be?
can i ever be half what i can be?
if you needed me to be anything
could i even be half of what you need?
will i ever be me? will i ever be me?

"well all y'all motherfuckers wanna chase the sun. but you gotta be willing to take a - y'know what I'm sayin'? -- burn"

"and heaven might be suitable, but hell on earth is beautiful" 🎤

i lost my mind there, typical
and now it's happening all the time, so typical, typical
Bayside - "Interrobang"

are we made like this? by a raging fool?
we were wrong and we resisted our own charge.
are we trained like this? bite the giving hand?
we were lost and there was no place we could go.
Circa Survive - "At Night It Gets Worse"

distance always seems familiar
nothing here can change without
listening carefully for your queue
to exchange the other lines
Circa Survive - "Backmask"

they say home is where the heart is
so where do you keep your bed?
and if home is where the heart is
it’s a crying shame we can’t afford the rent
letlive. - "Dreamer's Disease"

don't call me by my full name,
and all this is temporary;
it feels much better to know
that you won't feel a thing.
well, don't talk about it --
write it down,
but don't ask for help.
i can't be honest with even myself.
did you ever wish you were somebody else?
Circa Survive - "The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose"

nesting in the thorn bush,
blowing in the breeze,
calculate the pattern
that is causing my disease.
child of the desert,
never had a name,
climax on the concept
of eliminating pain.
Circa Survive - "Child Of The Desert"

can't you see that everybody goes through the same thing, at different times?
and all the ways that you could say we're different, you're wrong; we're alike.
Circa Survive - "Stare Like You'll Stay"

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