smoke's filled the air
and i'm struggling to breathe
let them be calm so i finally can sleep
everything you intended to say
don't go back on your words
you always said you'd tell me first

Circa Survive - "We're All Thieves"

i think of you often
that's all i can offer
that's all i know how to give
La Dispute - "Edward Benz, 27 Times"


when i'm alone i
make believe that
i'm in a different
time and place where
nobody wants to
know my name and
no one will recognize my face
Circa Survive - "Lazarus"


i love to be wanted,
but all i want is to be loved.
is that so much,
to be remembered,
never swept under the rug?
they say the soul don't die,
but mine's been dead for my whole life,
and i wouldn't trade it for anything.
Bayside - "Big Cheese"


we laugh in the face of love
'cause nobody's really there
nobody's real

Circa Survive - "The Greatest Lie"

How could it be, we were so secure?
Nothing you've ever planned on
Ever turned out the way you planned

Circa Survive - "Close Your Eyes To See"

"There's more of me that I have yet to find."

Balance and Composure - "More To Me"

"i know that this is not a test,
and life is all a guess,
and I guess I was wrong"

Balance and Composure - "Progress, Progress"

write songs that tear through
speak words that scare you
stoke the fire i dare you
kill me off before we can't be stopped

"Another Offensive Song" - letlive.

"we are
the one
the lonely bastard son
and in
the end
much more is said than done
i started a fire,
burnt down my house,
now i've got nowhere to call home"

letlive. - "The Dope Beat"

a significant portion of yesterday was spent listening to this on loop, after binging the game grumps playthrough of sonic forces last night :pensive_party_blob:

Sonic Forces - Battle with Infinite: First Bout youtu.be/Vfns3CINezA

"Fuck your lies and fuck your greed, we are the majority." ✊


"You're not the only one that feels like the only one." 🎤


this is the kinda title i'd expect from a post-hardcore song, not an ambient track

Benoit Pioulard - "If I could possibly tell the difference, I wouldn't care anyway"

"Make the masses a mastodon path to trample the fascists on" 🎤🎶 Rage Against The Machine - "Voice of the Voiceless"

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