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infinite love Ⴟ

@kara like, something concrete, i mean.

I know PHP gets a lot of hate, but modern PHP is pretty cool.

PHP 7.2: The First Programming Language to Add Modern Cryptography to its Standard Library

so many things in life get done so much faster by simply not waiting around for people to give permission

Seriously. Fuck Microsoft. Fuck the justice system that allowed this.

The man was actually (and hopefully will continue) making a difference as it relates to ewaste, built-in obsolescence, et al.

#Ewaste #FOSS #Lundgren

@tinker @Shufei and yet, when i load ms excel into obs, it doesn't render at all, but libreoffice calc works perfectly fine

This is why I only use & support Free & Open Source Software in my personal life. This man is going to prison. Prison.

"A California man who built a sizable business out of recycling electronic waste is headed to federal prison for 15 months after a federal appeals court in Miami rejected his claim that the “restore disks” he made to extend the lives of computers had no financial value, instead ruling that he had infringed Microsoft’s products to the tune of $700,000."

@seanl @tinker @Shufei Microsoft inserts its tentacles early into the chain. When I was still in school, there wasn't a single class on FOSS software for businesses in the office. Everything was Word this, Excel that (emphasis on Excel). There was even "MOS Certification" (Microsoft Office Software Certification)

So we have newer generations entering the workforce already primed to accept proprietary software as the default and virtually illiterate on the alternatives

At this point Jeff Bezos simply existing is inherently immoral.

A Florida Appeals Court is sending an American inventor to 15 months in prison for making a product that would've helped thousands of people, but, according to the court, infringed on Microsoft's products. This is wrong.

"hi, I'm ___, and welcome to my ted talk" after a shitpost is my new favorite meme

It's difficult to separate art from the artist. Even though work can live on without its author, even find new life through fans and derivations. I get why people are disappointed.

With social media there's so much more opportunity to learn what's inside creators' heads. And so often it's, just like for most other people, garbage.

@ratbaby classic projection b/c these people only block when they don't want to see a response to their bs

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