@eloisa @dansup IIRC the "hide follower/following lists on public pages" was a compromise after I requested hiding the counts entirely. Gargron didn't want to hide the numbers entirely because he said it made it easier to identify sockpuppets. I still don't agree fully, though -- it should still be an option.

@eloisa @dansup all i'm getting is that if twitter removes follow/er counts then mastodon can remove follow/er counts

google is trying to tell me something

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@SquidPresident young, light-mustachioed stalin was bae

older, thick-brimmed mustachioed stalin was daddy

@ballpointcarrot @KitRedgrave there needs to be, like, an indie/AP CMS or even a static site gen + minimal server. i'd love to just chuck all my content in subdirectories on my static site, like... /posts for a meta-view of everything, and /articles and /notes and so on for the different types. the minimal server would compile text documents into JSON and then handle the inbox/outbox logic, and that's about it

imagine a smooth horse. just the slickest, most frictionless horse

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@andeluuu Like, if an evangelist is spreading the word, then the opposite (antonym) would be someone receiving the word. So what would you call someone spreading the word, but not in a good way?

you'd think that this meant everyone was having a nice clean wholesome day online, but no... you'd be so incredibly wrong...

Did you know that Beef Bowl is a registered trademark of Yoshinoya America?

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they're like "wow this is delicious and affordable" and I'm like "thank you for supporting my small independent business"

@andeluuu No, more for the devilish equivalent. Not the inverse, but the converse.

For what it's worth, the antonym of "evangelist" is "layman": mastodon.social/@trwnh/1007597

@Robby Someone similarly came up with "diabolist", but I actually discovered the root word is "evangel" i.e. "gospel" and not actual angels: mastodon.social/@trwnh/1007597

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