getting disconnected on your rankup match and having it counted as an auto-loss... aghhhh

@yaaps mastodon's api is, in essence, "good enough" and thus can be copied for basic CRUD uses that map onto the status-with-attachment model.

yes, it's meant for mastodon, but with the relatively mature ecosystem of masto-api apps, it has incentivized (if not outright forced) projects like pleroma and pixelfed to copy it or consider doing so (because writing an incompatible api that does 99% the same is wasted effort).

ap c2s does not figure into this at all, because it does not specify logic

@yaaps ok i'm confused about why this is a matter of conversation. it seemed to me that the positions were as follows:

- dansup: mastodon api is good
- mariusor: i want ap c2s
- gargron: c2s sucks
- me: c2s doesnt suck per se but it does require reimplementing app logic and is thus not a good fit for most projects that want to guarantee a certain ux

i'm not sure what your position is in this thread, though. if it's about "community"-ness of an API, then i don't think that really means anything

@dansup i have an iphone se if you need me to test anything specific

@yaaps @mariusor @Gargron That's the point, though -- Mastodon is an application more than it is a server. It *is* the "thick client" to the embedded server. It existed before ActivityPub, and it would take a heavy rewrite for it to expose the underlying server bits... thereby skipping Mastodon app logic in the process. And it would require other "thick clients" to reimplement all of that app logic in a similar way, if they want to make use of the data store properly.

nazi mention, salt 

@amic we should all work two days out of the week instead of five 😤

jeez the "face with hand over mouth" emoji gives a totally different feeling on ios

android looks like it's laughing, ios looks horrified

apple is totally in the wrong here because the full name specifically calls out blushing and smiling

*modal pops up*
please enable adblock for this site!!!!
our ads are shit!!!!

we laugh in the face of love
'cause nobody's really there
nobody's real

Circa Survive - "The Greatest Lie"

ME, WATCHING DID YOU KNOW GAMING: wow, i did not know gaming

headcanon: letsalllovelain was formed from an internal schism in welovelain's community, over whether WLL members should actively proselytize or not

a propos of nothing i think it'd be kinda funny if welovelain and letsalllovelain actually had a deep rivalry/hatred of each other and catered to wildly different audiences and you had to actually be able to tell them apart to avoid commiting a geopolitical faux pas

i made this and i have no idea what to do with it but i'm putting it out into the world anyways

@yaaps @mariusor @Gargron a pure AP server is basically only for validation, delivery, and storage of objects.

Mastodon is more analogous to an AP Client than it is an AP Server. It uses transformers between its internal schema and AS2 as a replacement for C2S, and then re-exposes its own REST API on top of that.

Asking Mastodon to meaningfully implement C2S would actually obviate the S2S part, not the REST part. You would still need REST, you just wouldn't need the embedded S2S bits.

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