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infinite love

@ajroach42 eh, part of the problem is that stuff gets released that wasn't ever that good in the first place. so when it gets old, it's even worse than that. not much ages gracefully and even less so with newer products. the oldest phone i'd consider "usable" is my htc one m7 if its battery wasn't completely degraded. generally, lack of lte + aged battery + tiny internal storage = obsolescence

@codl @posit @typhlosion as a person or as a persona? linus sebastian is a big doof kinda like michael scott from the office. if it's a competition, then probably much the same skillset. but i think he could use his corporate cash to outspend torvalds. assuming he doesn't drop it first

@codl what's the manner of competition though? what criteria are we using? we need some ground rules

linus techtip vs linus torvalds who wins

tired: linus torvalds
wired: linux kobolds

Game Grumps do a brand new Guest Grumps episode of Super Tux Kart with special guest Linus Torvalds

I am witnessing a spearheading of synergized optimal onboarding business business numbers

Also apparently in the infographic they made their own LGBT heart with company colors

(destroy capitalism)

some ideas for ways to honour Ursula K. LeGuin:

- punch a fascist
- pet a cat
- invent a gender
- join a collective
- have an orgy
- run for city council
- live in the woods
- protest in the streets
- dream

me, in 50 years: wait, isn't google drive the thing where the cars drive themselves?

Check out my Pokémon-themed instance!

We have:
- A custom emojo for each and every Pokémon!
- All of the fork features, including doodles!
- Members who keep doing cute Pokémon doodles with the doodle feature!
- A cute Donphan friend!
- An safe & inclusive community of Poké-fans!

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@Gargron hello what if the code of conduct for mastodon was called the constitootion?

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lmfao i just got called a "cop" for saying that people shouldn't be expected to tolerate abusers 😂