asking for money within next 2 days, trying to shut a credit account 

finally an Algorithm that's going to be even more racist than all the other existing ones

Mastodon question 

@codl whats sad is they claim to be doing it manually, by literally just copypasting to the entire federated tl of whatever instance they happen to be on before they get banned and move to a new one

honestly everyone needs to try their site out with a screen reader

it just occurred to me that masto doesnt have a set of elephant emojos???

The best explanation of capitalism I read in a long time:

kinda blows being nocturnal bc nothing new happens on the internet while you're awake. but on the other hand it's probably better to learn how to focus on tasks again

literally any amount to help lighten the load that paying off $600 in one go would have on me. this nearly depleted my savings :welp:

asking for money within next 2 days, trying to shut a credit account 

"please provide a cryptographic token to POST to my inbox", basically. anything else could be greylisted or rejected as malformed

Imagine if installing Linux on your laptop involved downloading stuff of Mega and documentation on page 69 of a 420 page forum thread as well as a handful of painfully slow YouTube videos
Why do we live in a world where replacing the OS on your phone is like a hundred times more difficult than replacing the OS on your desktop

it turns out that NYTimes "Privacy Project" was a honeypot for privacy advocates all along (who built a ladder of legitimacy for Google to climb), not just readers (who had their data pilfered by tons of Big Tech trackers).

@a9 ahhhh i think that's other servers that have connected to yours?

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