it is with a heavy heart that i must announce: computer

@noiob all things considered it's actually not that tiny. you can cram 10 hdds in there with aftermarket rails, and that's half the interior space...

@pie battery needs replacing probably? voltage is fucked

@pie install an emoji font? idk it Just Works when i install noto-fonts-emoji on arch

re: awful 

@mint this was actually said to someone i know

@amic ami how are you ugly you're like the cutest person i know

@yaaps @jalcine odk about others but for me ontology being a reference specifically to a backing dataset like wikidata which disambiguates. semantic tagging alone refers just to tagging other objects. i am specifically in favor of making those objects be wikidata json Links.

as for authority, i disagree that authority should be totally avoided. indeed, every instance is the central authority for its own data, no? "some centralization" is the basis of federation. better to have commons like wiki

@dredmorbius @jalcine that's because it's marked as:sensitive too. it should be possible to send summary without sensitive flag. but mastodon doesn't

at the very least i’m not worried about Origami King’s dialogue.

@jalcine it's basically an email subject line. the "warning" functionality is pretty secondary.

what i'd like to see is ontological tagging, backed by something like wikidata.

somebody's taking the train to sleepytime junction
somebody's so tired, they can barely function

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