i would. i would argue that us soldiers in vietnam should have been given inferior equipment. i would argue that them being equipped with rifles that would fail whipped ass

tired of eating bad apple

can't wait to go home and eat good apple

got both pairs of my new glasses so now i can actually compare them directly

Amazing. Amazing. Tumblr updated permalinks on all posts to correspond to the new Tumblr Plus bullshit - instead of username.tumblr.com/number/post_title , the new URL is www.tumblr.com/creator/`username`/`number` - but neglected to update the back end to reflect this, so when you try to link to any given individual post using the new format you get a 404, and you can't get the old format because it requires post_title, which the new one doesn't have.

I think they should incorporate DNS for physical mail

if you're small and trans then everything you do is a microtransaction

teaching kid cousins how to say "sphygmomanometer"

i feel like i could unlock a lot of productivity just by having a single-room air conditioner because fans sometimes just don't cut it

can't lower the central ac because my grandma is thin-blooded and 74F/23C is still sometimes too cold for her

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out of bed
too hot to do anything
back in bed with a fan on

just saw one of the ubiquitous "you are beautiful" signs changed to "you don't have to be beautiful" and i like this development

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