corrugated_galvanised_iron_sheet is such a specific tag to see on danbooru

talked to someone i haven't talked to in years and they said my voice has gotten lighter

what does that mean

if there’s software and hardware, what’s regular ware?

World is a sad, dysfunctional and overall shitty place but I just saw a cute wolf girl being headpatted on my TL and that's really nice.
Shout out to people who draw cute things

i should finish writing the summaries / case studies for my site today...

ideally you want to run a system where every single piece of software has tons of different vulnerabilities, so all the hackers are thwarted by choice-paralysis

@null @Novimatrem why have 4 arms when you can have 1000 like the bodhisattva avalokiteshvara

"Death is something I've experienced first-hand."
"Really? You died? Why couldn't you have stayed that way?"

americans say "uhhhh" whereas british people say "errrrr"

@peroty what's missing from thunderbird for you? only other alternatives i can really point you toward are claws mail, geary, and evolution

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